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Inside a moment, magic will be here

Err really not much to tell about today. Had a Sarah McLachlan music fest for the third day in a row. Considered being creative. I feel like I've done nothing, although I know I've written a little fic, done an IDBT update, and worked on my special BD project which is going nice and slowly *nods* At least my computer only restarted once, so that was good. But I feel like I'm not going to be able to finish it. I think a little part of that is because a certain section requires something that's in my head which I can't make reality and that's just a tad frustrating.

Took 2 quizzes earlier while I was eating dinner and sending Melly Zarina's BRILLIANT musketeer pic from Luna Park :D I loves it. So quizzes in the hidey section as per normal and... er... I have nothing else interesting to say. :( Oh there's an equestrian/acrobat/music thingie on November 11th I wanna go to :) Sounds like fun. Dunno if I can convince anyone to go with me though *sigh* Oh well I have the weekend to try to convince someone.

You are Air! Despite the fact that your element is
light and mellow, your life is quite the
opposite. Filled with mixed emotions, you
struggle to find you 'true' place in the world.
All things aside though, you are a genuinely
kind person. Taking time to listen while others
talk, though not talking so much yourself.
Things may seem rough at times but do not
worry, your future is yet to come bringing with
it answers to questions you have been asking
yourself. Take some time off for you and look
upon your life, for there is much more to it
than you think. >Air<

What Element are you? ~breath taking pictures and detailed results~
brought to you by Quizilla

Aren't I nice? (a) Yeah I do do that. And look, it wants me to take time off work! *snigger*

The one passion that deeply burns in your soul is
longing for love... You're often depressed and
you've been hurt so many times that you tears
seem meaningless, if you even have any left to
cry! You want to be able to reach out and tell
someone everything, making your troubles go
away... But... You jsut can't bring yourself to
do so... Everyday you wish that all of the pain
will just go away... Just disappear... However,
it just seems to get worse and you try to
bottle everything up inside as best as you can!
However, your plan sometimes fails, making you
lash out or break down emotionally. You just
wish to be like everyone else... You want to be
able to tell someone all of your problems...
But you're afraid of admitting your weakness...
You're that outside, loner, mistunderstood
person that has been pushed out of everyones'
life. You desperately try to break through the
barrier, but you guts tell you no... You'll
just be hurt again and again... So why bother?
Your sanctuary is your room, where you can hide
out and be out of 'their' visions. You like to
express your thoughts and feelings through
various forms of art, and try ridding of your
pain in 'different ways.' You're so busy caught
up in your own little, lost world, that you
have yet to realize that a light burns inside
of the darkness of the pack. You might not know
it, but out there... Someone is watching your
every move... Enjoying your presence...
Enjoying you for who YOU are! Wipe away those
tears and open up those beautiful eyes, see the
light! See what you're missing and grasp ahold,
break out of that crust, and mold... Smile your
way through life because the most beautiful
things cannot be concealed forever :)

What Passion Burns In Your Soul?
brought to you by Quizilla

I'm slightly confused here... the questions to this quiz looked overly familiar but the result not :S There's a lot of truth in that, a LOT. And don't worry guys, I know you're here for me *hugz* Reason why I do tell you things that most people don't get to hear.

*looks around* um... *poke* (a)

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