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Wiggle got through!!!!

Haha, yes I am excited. My fave little (well... big, he's kinda tall) Australian Idol contestant who is a replacement wiggle in normal day life got through to the final 12 tonight. I'm so happy. He rocks, he sings with a lot of soul. He did a Diesel song in auditions ("Tip Of My Tongue" I think it was) and "Sign Your Name" by Terence Trent D'Arby to get himself into the top 30. He was absolutely brilliant. Unfortunately he picked Jesse McCartney's "Beautiful Soul" for the semi's, and I absolutely hate that song and the little brat that sings it (cause a) he can't sing and b) he took over our airwaves and Australia then neglected Ryan Cabrera *sob* Now HE is the real talent) but nevertheless I did chose to vote him through on it cause I love his voice, and boy did he look like he was taking the piss out of the kid! hehe. I think, as the judges says, he needs to stick to singing adult songs, not be a 26 year old singing a 16 year old kids song.

So, anyway, enough praising. Lately I haven't been feeling well, head spins, nausea, aches and pains... that kind of thing. That's led to me neglecting a lot. I have re-read LMS now though, finally finished :D Have to say the whole Bianca dying thing was weird and upsetting all over again reading, but I still can't get over how short our posts were back then, some of them are only like a line long! :o So I updated the LMS 2 trivia thread now with both my characters, added a bit more to Justin, and hopefully I have all the facts I need to remember in there now. Think I might head over to B's journal after this too... haven't updated that in a while, although more recently than this one *blush*

One thing I loved was Saturday night where Melly and I did completely different things yet were able to integrate it into one story. Melly went to the Opera, I went out on a last minute announcement for dinner with my family down to Lonestar. We had to wait over an hour for a table. There were all kinds of large parties happening down there - farewell parties, costume birthday parties. It was incredibly busy *nods* and my brother's got a crush on one of the waitresses now who smiled at him *snigger* Er... yeah so when we eventually got a seat, I was super impatient so I made the waitress write down everything for our order as soon as we got hold of her. I decided to be elaborate and order myself a cocktail. It was non-alcoholic (I said I was working my way up LOL) but I still ended up being super bouncy and laughing lots and erm... well I think it successfully pulled me out of the down mood I was in on the way traveling down. Must say it did wear off eventually though. I ordered lamb shank drenched in red wine (adding to that previously mentioned bounciness) and um it ended up looking quite red and not so well cooked, which had me cringing because I felt like I was eating it still alive, and I had to bury it in the sauce and kinda eat it with my eyes closed and force myself to swallow it. Russ in the meantime was being both mean and funny by repeatedly "baa"ing at me. It was good :D

Er... we've also had heaps of train problems. They keep cancelling them, running them super late (like 20 mins late) across the past 2 weeks. Today was just great, peak hour, and they cancelled 2 express trains and a 3rd train they meant to cancel as well, so they basically were telling us if we didn't get on this train there would be no train into the city. So packing 3 trainloads of ppl onto it, it ended up taking an hour and a half to get into the city instead of an hour, then there were no trains to get to my work, so we went to the other station that we could walk from. It was ridiculous - we ended up getting to work a good half hour late :( Sydney's rail system sucks.

:\ Can't actually think of what else I can tell. The brain is slowly wittling down to a stop again :( Oh well at least I'm more productive tonight.

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