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Enigma obsessed :$

Been running the tunes over and over lately. Um *-) we tried doing a whole bunch of music clips on Russ' computer which was fun until his power supply blew so now he has no computer :( Er... I've also done 2 lots of Wy/B entries over the past 2 days, but nothing else. I feel so lazy. I've tried doing some fic for Ellen but it's just way hard and I almost ended up crying over not being able to do it before :$ Thankfully Melly gave me some mind-numbing tests to do, as follows:

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It's all in the hidden text. hehe (a)

Julie is the #52 most common female name.
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Around 443700 US females are named Julie!
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You are 73% pure
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Which female character from the movie Grease are you? *with pics*
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Um *-) argh I'm so blah. Okay if I think of something I'll edit it in later.

ETA (5 mins later *rolls eyes*):

Forgot to tell about my dream. And if I hadn't closed msn down earlier, I wouldn't have had to try to rethink about it :'( So, in short, I'll try to cover what I can.

All the musketeers were back here. Turtle had thought to take more video footage this time so I was happy, and it was like we were watching snippets of it cause things kept intercutting. So there was one scene that had Mel & Elly down the opposite end of a long table, and they were crouched down out of view moving these truck/4WD things on the table, and Melly had a voice changer so she was making herself sound like Darth Vader. Then there was another scene where Ellen was playing with those mini mirco-machine cars, and they were magnetic, so she was sticking them all together. Then I saw the outside of their motel room which had "Happy Mother's Day" labelled to their door (just theirs, no-one else's), and they all came out, and Ellen and Mel both had kids! :o They both had a little boy, both the same age (around 2), but Mel's was just a little bit older. Turtle was sitting against the porch watching (like me, but I was standing across from her) And El had her kid in a pram or something, and Mel's little blonde boy she picked up and put on the back of this tiny black shetland pony which he then preceeded to ride like a cowboy around the yard. There was also a part outside there where Mel was swinging on a swing speaking directly to the camera, but I dunno what anyone said :$ And the last part was to do with an earlier part of my dream, I was standing far away watching all these people looking at screens (people from this carnival earlier in my dream where guitar-boy Adam who I had a minor crush on in TAFE was playing saxaphone :S), and I remember that I was standing there contemplating over the musketeers - the fact that if it hadn't been for them I wouldn't have done certain things in my life, or met certain people, that they gave me the confidance and courage to do those things and that I was forever grateful for having them in my life.

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