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My computer is evil. It has been funky since the second I turned it on this morning. Restarted itself, and after I got home tonight it ran some little check on itself and deleted something b4 starting itself up again. I was hoping it had fixed the restarty problem, but being the horrible thing it is today it is still running slow... so now I'm trying to move things around and defragment and pray it works. :(

So I only hit bed about 1am this morning b4 I became so tired I was almost falling asleep in my chair, on the bed, anywhere I sat down for a few seconds. So saying my goodbyes, I headed to bed, and surely I must have fallen asleep within about 5 minutes. Gotta be the quickest time ever! Usually I average from I'd say 30mins to an hour 20 b4 I can get to sleep. Sometimes longer (when I'm a complete insomniac). Thankfully I had woken up when everyone was leaving this morning (although I did drift back to sleep again for maybe an hour at most - which was good considering I moved slightly and I must have pulled a muscle in my back or something :S It hurt nastily, but it got better), cause when they all got home an hour and a half after they left they jumped up and down outside my door yelling out to me to get up before my brother proceeded to go into his bedroom and turn the music up so loud that the walls were vibrating. :( Even burying my head under the blanket didn't help, so I got myself up after listening to a few Velvet Revolver & U2 blastings. Russ showed me the Chevelle clips... I love that band. So first thing I did was try to find pics and stuff this morning, and then I fixed up myspace again so now I have 3 photo albums: Musketeers, Loves - Actors/Actresses (like I so can't do anything without a Wes/Mari feature anymore LOL), and a Loves - Music one. I still managed to forget ppl to put in though *rolls eyes* That's cause I love too much *nods*

Um... I believe I've hassled boo a bit today *thinks* Was being more so annoying cause I was told we were going out for dinner :( So we went to Lonestar again (Russ' chick wasn't there hehe), and they had next to no-one tonight! :o Compared to the overly packed out last time I went :S So of course everything was superfast. I ordered a Fruit Tingle (which is um apparently vodka, grenadine, lemonade... not sure if something else was in there) which I had to hassle them about. Came out purple & blue, was pretty :D And I spent the whole time trying to work out if it tasted like the lolly :$ LOL Well after the initial burning taste of vodka going down my throat... It wasn't bad, but I do think maybe I liked the other cocktail I had better. Can't believe I sunk so low as to go "yeah, let's have something alcoholic and maybe you won't feel so bad about having to come here". I struggled with both my drink and the meal I ordered, for some reason it just kept feeling like nothing was going down, it was all being injested to some magical part of my oesophegus that hadn't made me choke yet :S Was weird. And we got the 2nd piece of chicken wrapped up cause I couldn't eat it, and I stuck it in mum's bag and she's gone to a concert with it tonight *rolls eyes* Am I blonde or what? haha.

I did wanna come home & see Charlie & The Chocolate Factory, but at the same time I wanted to work on my fic so I turned the movie off. I've written 11 lines in almost 3 hours :( Not that I've done anything in the last hour except go over the same bit and add or change words. I really really wanted to do something without mum here, but my brain is going blah, my stomach is reminding me how much my dinner didn't agree with me... or could be all day, can't remember :$ And I'm really annoyed at my computer cause I'm STILL trying to fix it. Wanted to do some iconage but haven't... haven't exactly had any brilliant thoughts like previously... but boo DID send me a wonderful jam-packed beautiful Wyatt/Bianca pic folder which had... 483 pics in it I believe it was. And she sent me so many pretty Mari pics, and many I hadn't seen b4 that made me wonder why ppl never captured them in the first place :( There was even new Wessy ones and I was :o cause I thought I had them all. She is brilliant :D

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