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Welcome to the deep, dark & crazy world that is my imagination
Tis the end of everything - damn computer *grumble* 
16th-Sep-2005 08:05 pm
Grave Lying
Considering I now have all the time in the world to update this, I could do a huge lengthy entry on the past few days but I'm too lazy and too annoyed cause I now officially have no computer. Yes my poor little hard drive had been ill and gave warning, and I spoke to Dr Russell who had no idea other than reinstalling windows, but he didn't bother looking at it, and now that he's disappeared to Melbourne it has died :'( I suspect, just like his, it is the power supply *sigh* And if I damn well knew how to fix it myself, I would go get a new one tomorrow, but I don't so *suckage* :( Have to wait till he comes back next week now *rolls eyes*

But in other good news (which almost didn't happen the ebilites) I booked my flight to go see Melly in November! *bounce* Unfortunately I can't spare more than a weekend (stupid workness) BUT it shall be a fun 3 days/2 nights. I pushed it through so we could go see Kelly Clarkson in Adelaide together (yes, shock I know, someone does MORE than the east cost :o ) which is on the sunday night. So I get there early Saturday morning and come home Monday night WHICH funnily enough happens to be Bianca's birthday LOL I thought of it on the train on the way home. Melly is coming here for her & Wessy's birthday, and I'm going down for Bianca's and IF I had been going for a whole week, I would have been incorporating Marisol's birthday too without even realising it. How funny. Reminds me of my other funny event of the day - the guys at work were getting sized up for suits in front of me and I was playing stripper music to it. *snicker* Was hilarious, had the sales manager cracking up when he realised what I was doing, and then he had an interviewee rock up while he was in the middle of it so that was funny.

Now... things I have to remember. Once computer gets back on its feet I wanna make an Unaffected trailer. I'm gonna pretend it's a movie (hey, I can be obsessed with my own story, can't I? :$ hehe Plus I think it would be really cool so :P ) Also need to co-ordinate some questions for my favourite obsessional pair *thinks* but I may just sit that out until my computer is betterer OR if it becomes direly urgent. Also think I might be able to keep doing my fic, just won't be able to post it because the first page and a bit is on my computer. At least I have most of it written in my notebook which is good (thank God for hardcopies!) but my current one is almost running out :( And Helen is so brilliantly nice she's ordering me one through work *snicker* and it's red (red is blood-like :$ I wanted) because she didn't have enough stuff to order and it's so nice work is paying for my non-worktime obsession LOL Not that they know about it :$

Uh, let's see what else has been happening *thinks* Steven left today :( Not fairness. Work is gonna run so badly now :( He was like the only one in his side of accounts that actually did anything :( Um... Michael thinks boo is a guy *snicker* We were thinking up this whole elaborate plan to make him think it's Wyatt/Wes but I'm too chicken to do that. Just letting him think what he wants. And funnily enough it's gonna look even worse when he finds out I'm going to Adelaide to see my "friend" in November. Busy little me - got boo coming here in October (end September), then I'm going there in November, then a trip up to the Gold Coast in December. I look like a holiday freak. Mind u it's not like I'm overtraveling anywhere or taking a massive amount of time off work. But it's so funny, and I'm so hugely glad it's true, that I kept to my promise by telling boo I would be down there b4 the end of the year. I just didn't think it would be some madcap weekend featuring a KC concert. I had no idea. But I love the fact I'm getting to do that, and I haven't done it in like 8 years since I traveled interstate to Perth to see Savage Garden. Should be brilliant.

Hmm so my lengthiness had made me a little calmer. :$ Will have to think of something else to do now. *toddles off*
16th-Sep-2005 03:20 pm (UTC) - No computer!
I had to actually put a second hardrive in my old computer a few years back, but a friend of mine did it. Best Buy has some good ones that come with a disk that explains how to install it.:) I love your work story, makes me laugh! I so want to see your Unaffected trailer, yes I do! I hope you can get your computer fixed soon and I'm going to work on the surprise tonight, if I can stay awake long enough! *hugs*
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