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And so the holiday begins *grin*

Hmm I know I haven't been the biggest updater lately, but I have been busy. Not like anything interesting busy though :\ Just mum yelling at me to clean up, wrap up boo's pressie, sneak around organising something else um... writing. Any spare time I have I have devoted mostly to two things - writing Unaffected or reading Stephen King's IT. Of course I've been keeping fairly up-to-date with the RPGs, trying to go easy on myself so I don't crack because I can't write something. Things seem to be working out okay though.

Um my book scares me. There are things in it I would have written (or rather sound like I've written it), things telling me more about myself that were instinct but are actually right and I never knew it, things that are happening now. It's really weird. I almost threw it aside this morning it was freaking me out so much.

Well, apart from that, been full of jumping beans today cause boo is coming back (although her plane has been severley delayed by like 40 mins *sob*) Most ppl think this is fabulous which is great :D and Michael still thinks she's a guy LMAO He said to me yesterday when I said I was going down to Adelaide next month as well "Must be a special friend" and I was like "Yesh" and I dunno whether he didn't hear me or didn't wanna accept my answer, but he inquired again and I was like "I said yes" LOL :$ Tis so wrong but OMG if only Wes was coming and my boyfriend LOL That would be classic. I actually saw someone this morning who like fitted my ideal guy profile which was funny. I pointed him out to mum when he walked past. He was taller than me :yay: (tis hard to find guys like that :( ), skinny (Drew skinny), long blonde hair (like Chris in Chris-Crossed long) um... he looked nice LOL I was saying it was a shame we can't just go shopping for a guy and go "yup, I'll take that one" Would be sooo much easier.

Well I wanted to be nice and detailed but I'm getting rushed away :( Have fun peeps, and maybe I'll see u around ;)

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