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In-depth account of my holiday with Mel

Okies so I was asked (repeatedly) to actually update this with an account of what happened. It has been a difficult struggle to get things done with no computer since it died (again) and I'm STILL waiting on the computer guy at work to get me a power supply *sigh*


Last time I updated this, so you guys know most about that day. It was all exciting at first, and I was very bouncy all morning (and somewhat forgetful), but it dragged so much that by the afternoon I was crying (for no reason, I'm sure. I can't remember it, and I think I was annoyed at myself because I was crying and it was a stupid thing to be doing on a day that was supposed to be so great). Got back to work and I then heard from Melly who told me her flight was delayed, and although I thought I had more time at work I was shuffled out to the car by my parents to sit there for a while until we could go pick up my brother from the station. So I read a bit more of IT and tried to sleep some, we picked up Russ then went to Maccas for dinner... I was all impatient to go so we drove down to the airport. Mel's flight time had changed AGAIN. It was seriously almost an hour late her flight, and apparently Mel told me they'd just stopped the plane dead on the runway for like forever. So silly. Anyway, I decided I was going to go meet her at the gate cause I knew she'd had a haircut and I was freaking it was going to be so radically different that I wouldn't recognise her LOL And I thought it best to contend with one flight of ppl, not several to find her. Whilst I was waiting up there, her flight was nowhere to be seen in the terminal by the time the next flight was supposed to leave, so all those ppl were getting agro and restless, and then finally the plane pulled in and I moved around near the door so I could see everyone getting off. I saw a guy with these messed up dreads and I thought "I bet Mel was sitting near him". Turns out he was. LOL. And I saw a whole bunch of sports players get off, and a really tiny guy I presumed was their coach. And then Melly emerged in her Goth gear with a little pierced tiger cub popping out from her jacket and I hugged her and then we speedily made our way out to my familiy rattling on about her flight, her family, my brother, etc... Drove home, um... *scratches head* Dropped her stuff off inside. Oh, she handed out pressies :D I got Hutch from the Wallace & Grommit movie, and this cute zipper thing. I seriously have no idea what we did, although I knew I was determined not to go to bed early on her again so we did stay up a little :\


Slept late (became a routine thing LOL). Got up and saw mum had the video set, so we couldn't watch DVDs or a video or anything. I therefore decided we would go out shopping, have a late lunch/early dinner down there, and Mel and I could head straight to the Switchfoot concert from there. So we got ourselves ready (Melly started on her Harry/Draco fic in the meantime), went shopping - I bought the Hard-Fi CD (so glad it was down there *bounce*), these mugs for my mum (Melly had to remind me what I was meant to be buying for her), cards and other gifty things for people. We went into General Pants Co to look at the Emily stuff and there was this fantastic jacket in there that they only had one left so I bought it for Jen for Christmas, and this really cute guy served us and asked me if I tried it on, but I told him no it was a present, and when I handed him the money I kept looking at it cause I thought I was giving him too much, and to my surprise he actually noticed and asked me what was wrong! :o And I told him I was just making sure I had enough for tonight, then he was all interested in where I was going and I told him about the Switchfoot concert, and he wanted to know where it was & stuff. OMG he was so nice, and he seriously sounded like he was gonna come! LOL. Mind u I have never seen him again *sigh* So after all that, we went to The Heritage Cafe and got ourselves a nice meal. I started getting a headache, so I quickly took something for it. We still had some time, so we came home for a little while and then headed to the concert. Surprisingly we found our way in the dark, although we were unsure where to park cause there was "UNSW permit holders only" signs everywhere, but everyone else was parking there so *shrug* we did too. When we went down to The Roundhouse we saw the queue was HUGE. It went from the door, all the way up and around this hill, then back around the building until where we stopped. We couldn't believe the lineup, and cause we were early we wondered exactly when the rest of those ppl got there. When we got to the front after a very long wait we found they were confiscating everything - cameras, water, chains & studded items. The last we were WTF about LOL We'd never seen that before. I was being all Biancaness and saying lucky I hadn't brought those :$ We finally got inside, and cause I said I wasn't drinking (they were giving out special wristbands for that) they automatically made Mel not able to go to the bar either :( The room was a huge round room which had like an upper level balcony (for the over 18's), and we stayed on the floor parking ourselves right next the the sound engineers fenced off area so we wouldn't be in the crush. The roof was nice and blue :D And the stage looked fairly small. But it was all okay. The support band - The View - sounded oddly like MotorAce which was amusing. About 3/4 of the way through their set I started feeling funny like the music was too loud, I was getting all head-spinney and nauseous, and I thought best way to fix it was get on the ground. I didn't want to freak Melly out so I tried for a long time not to do it until I felt I had to, and she was concerned and asked if I was ok and I told her I was fine cause I was sure I could get rid of it. And I made myself stay crouched there for the whole song, despite my legs aching, occasionally resting my head and my arm against the cold fence because I thought I might just be overheated or something. And I felt ok, so I got back up but I wasn't up for long beacuse that's when it felt like the music was going right through me, and I sank to the floor again. Mel insisted upon getting me some water then, but this nice girl behind us told Mel to stay with me and she would get it. I seriously couldn't believe that even complete strangers were concerned about me, it was nice to have some nice people around. And I was getting this terrible pain in my upper left thigh then as well, nothing was helping much, I was loosing space on the floor, so I asked Melly if we could go back further and she said we could, so I pulled her back through the crowd and all the tables and chairs up the back had been vacated, so I instantly plonked myself down into one. I held my hands up to Melly and she could see how badly I was shaking, it was weird and I was quite worried (and trying to keep myself from crying), so much so that I didn't want to leave that spot for the rest of the night. I apologised to her for ruining the night though, but we talked and laughed and that seemed to help me feel better. She wrote some more of her Harry/Draco fic which got me rambling on the topic of writing again, and what I was dealing with in mine, etc. Mel got up to look at the merchandise and came back just as Switchfoot came on with their new CD in hand (which we used for lyrics to sing along to some of the new songs LOL). I stood up on my chair to catch a glimpse of them, and I could actually see the whole stage so I told her to do so too and she did. Security eventually came along, thankfully they didn't confiscate Mel's camera cause she was trying to get a good pic, and after a while they told everyone to stop standing on the chairs and barstools, so we ended up having a pretty good view which was nice. We were up and singing and bopping to the songs we knew, and sitting down for some of the slower numbers. It was fun. And the band were great, they actually performed better than last time I saw them. Jon took a while to warm up his vocals in the last one, but this time he was perfect from the word go. They did the usual stage antics - Jon went crowd surfing (which u weren't supposed to do) which was one of the reasons I told Melly we shouldn't be up the front cause I didn't want him to leap on us LOL And he also jumped on top of the drumkit again, this time without me panicking he was gonna break his neck. And the amount of times they kept telling us they were from San Diego, I swear they must be so proud of their hometown! It was really good, I wish everyone had an opportunity to be there. We found our way back home pretty well too, so I'm glad, and once we got here we pretty much went straight to bed.


Saturday, I do believe we cracked open the first lot of season one of Charmed. *Checks B's LJ* okay, yup, that's what we did cause I was still feeling a little off so curling up on the couch for a day seemed like a good idea. So we spent a lot of time watching that. It was good to be able to sit there with another fan and run over things, point things out. We discovered Wyatt has an awful lot in common with Prue, and Melly said she never intentionally wrote him that way; but it's good to see something like that shine through because it does show a direct link to the family. That's one thing I love to do with Melly - analyse over characters and why they're doing things, aspects of their backgrounds, possible scenarios (we actually worked out during the course of our discussions little things we'd never really talked/thought about b4 - like how Bianca and Wyatt would have met, and what the wedding proposal would have been like) - it was seriously fun to be able to do that in person.


Okay so we made it to bed at a reasonable hour cause we couldn't sleep in super late on this day since we had to get to the city for the Elvis concert. It was funny trying to work out how long it takes Mel & me to get ready, I think I gave it about 2 hours. I wanted to wear my new shoes & green skirt, so I had to dig around for a top cause it was warm but not hot like I wanted it to be, and my feet were freezing. Dad had to punch holes into the straps of my shoes too (while I had them on! :o ) and we were making jokes about him making me bleed :$ But I was ok. And I ended up changing into boots anyway cause I realised I couldn't drive in those shoes, and it was a good idea cause my feet got warmed up on the way in :D So we listened to Crowded House on the way there and arrived half an hour early :( but we just stood around (then sat) in the sun outside the Harbourside shops waiting for Helen to arrive, Melly and I terrorising each other by poking one another (yeah it didn't take long to start that up again hehe). Eventually Helen arrived and we went back inside to the eatery to have lunch, and it was really warm in there. We ended up getting Hot Dogs and chips and cause I accidentally ordered my mum chips I then made myself eat all my lunch plus her chips and seriously I ate way too much. Melly offered me hers and I had to turn her down LOL I shall never overeat again. After that Helen wanted to take some pics with her new digital camera, so we drifted out the front to the water (Cockle Bay) and I took some photos of her, and Melly went mad with her camera taking weird & odd pics. I got Helen to take a photo or two of us there and on the way over to the casino. Melly and I made ourselves comfortable at one of the empty blackjack tables when we got there trying to envision our "Las Vegas". We went into the show which ended up being pretty good, the dancers were horrible, I liked the horn section though *-) Um... we spent a lot of time trying to take photos when security wasn't around cause they told off Melly :( Helen went down (after much encouragement and almost dragged by my mum) and got a kiss off Elvis. We were all cheering for her when it happened and when she came back, she was so embarrassed LOL Um... after that we came home, mum watched the football and we watched Australian Idol. No idea what we did after that, but more than likely it was watch more Charmed hehe *checks B's journal again* Ok we did watch Charmed LOL. And that was the night I was falling asleep during the last two eppies we played cause Mel was wide awake and wanted to keep watching but once they finished I begged for bed :$


This was the last day of the long weekend (was a public holiday which in some way I feel cheated for not having cause I wasn't working LOL), so we decided that this would be the day we would cook. We had out the cookbooks and made Snickerdoodles (which are apparently dutch :\ hehe. They're cookies made from cinnamon and brown sugar) - I almost lost the sugar all over the floor for opening the pack too far (typical Julie *rolls eyes* See I suck at cooking). Um also mum tried making these brandy snap things that didn't work out, and we made a delicious chocolate cake that ended up being Melly's birthday cake :D We had to go grocery shopping early in the morning to get all the ingredients and stuff, and while we were out Melly found a Harry Potter candle so I bought it for her to put on the cake. Um so after all that fun & mess (and sticky hands hehe) we had some time to ourselves - Melly wrote, I read more of IT, ended up getting a little sleepy so I closed my eyes for a while, then we had dinner and watched the Idol results show, and then jumped on my computer to check up on what was happening on the net. I typed up B's journal whilst Mel typed up her Harry/Draco thing on the laptop. And after checking that Cold Case was truly a repeat, I think we ended up finishing season one and getting onto season two of Charmed. Can't remember, although I know the siesta helped cause I was awake, but this time Melly was sleepy.


Melly's birthday!!! :D Slept in (again). I gave her hugs and her present and I can't say what it is cause part of it some people aren't allowed to know about yet (a) But she got some Wyattness (well, his present LOL which I imported from New Zealand :$) and some Mellyness. Er... then we got dressed and showered and stuff and possibly I read more of Melly's Harry/Draco fic (I kept stealing it off her). And we watched some more Charmed. Then when everyone got home from work we went out to the RSL for dinner which is nicknamed "The Las Vegas of the west" so it was aptly suitable to us. Mel had trouble picking what she wanted, and I changed my mind last minute, but it was good, delicious even. I was happy to get my chocolate milk hehe Got overcharged again (*rolls eyes* least it was only by like a dollar this time). Russ challenged me to eat my schnitzel again (we were reminiscing about the Gold Coast in March) and I did :D Then we headed over to the gambling area where my mum and brother went to play poker machines while by dad stood & watched, and I took Melly over to the spot where I was writing my fic b4 that Elvis concert I went to a while ago, and we sat down there and invented our own game of air hockey using the round coasters on the table, and they slid pretty easily cause the tables were like polished marble or something. And we were kinda scoring but cause we were talking we lost count, so we just kept chatting about how great our musketeer friends are, how proud and in awe we are of how terrific our European friends English is, how some people don't realise their full potential, and how grateful we were to find each other (and here I was showering Melly with praises again and getting her all embarrassed :$) We had a security guy stop to look at us, so I ceased our game for a second and kept talking to her whilst keeping an eye on him until he left before I started again. Can u tell how sneaky we are? hehe. And funnily enough we thought that little bit of free entertainment was more fun than gambling, and we were actually sorry to have to quit and leave! LOL So we headed home and lit the candle and sang Happy Birthday to Melly and had some of her cake which she cut cleanly (good girl :D ) Then it was more Charmed or bed or something LOL. We kept staying up later and later, and it kept getting warmer and warmer at night, was crazy!


Um k it was either this day or the day b4 I caved and we started watching ssn 8 :/ Loved Wyatt, he's so cute :D Was so much fun to watch with Melly, especially after we'd had the same opinion on the ssn 7 finale. We both wanted it made up to us. We're just a tad overprotective of certain characters :$ But the whole blasting thing was cool, he looked like he was having so much fun. Seriously I wish that show could just go on and on so we could see him grow up like with the Olsen twins or something. He's so adorable! And loved what Piper said too - she's so proud! haha Wanna kill Billie though *nods* Er... so after that we went shopping (yes, again LOL) cause Melly wanted the Emily socks (and she ended up picking up bags, a morphing journal and pink converse boots from there as well). We went into Diva again and Melly decided to buy some stuff, so encouraged me to do the same and I ended up coming out with a leafy green ring, a rock on bracelet (Melly bought the necklace of it hehe) which sadly has already broken, a blue bunch of bracelets strapped together <3, a silver bracelet clip thing... I think that was it for me, but Melly got a handful of stuff too. I'm not sure if it was this morning or the next, but I did have that problem of being overheated - like it literally did feel like my blood was boiling inside and out. It had to be maybe the 2nd time in my life I've actually had to have a strictly cold shower. I mean it didn't affect me majorly in any way, but I was getting more than confused at the different types of illnesses my body was trying to inflict on me cause I was on holidays again. I tell u I'm jinxed. :(


More sleeping, more Charmed. My computer died at some point while Mel was here. Melly's laptop wouldn't boot up also. Don't think we actually did much at all, which made me feel completely bad cause I felt like we'd just wasted the whole time Mel was here :$ Um we also made these pink merengues like this day or the day before or something. I just remember us sitting down watching Charmed, pigging out on them as a substitute lunch and spreading a whole lot of pink icing on them cause we'd made too much hehe. This was the last day we got to watch the DVDs, and we only made it just past Alex in ssn3 (k, so he's Troxa, but it was nice to compare him and :o never realised he was English! LOL. But he still acts the same at least (a) )


Mel was up probably a good hour or so before me. She was completely ready and packed to go by the time I crawled out of bed. We had some time to spare, so while I was running around doing housework I let her watch the ssn 7 eppies she hadn't seen, and then I joined her for the one I hadn't seen cause we were at Switchfoot. So we're all caught up on that season now :D Lucky us cause Channel 10 took the show off AGAIN *rolls eyes* Thank God for downloading. Thanks to Leo for pointing me in the right direction! *big squishy hugz* So after that was finished we pretty much had to go, so I drove Mel to the airport all by my lonesome and we got there a little early, but it was a good enough time. Mum was hassling me about dinner via text, but I told her we'd eat there. So we had half an hour to down something at Maccas (and not eat so quick that we'd make ourselves sick) and then we just hung around the gate for her plane to arrive cause it was late again. Which was good, cause I got more time with Melly, although a lot of it was spent in silence contemplating the fact I was losing her again. And we hugged, and I didn't want her to go, and she didn't want to go (and yeah we tried all sorts of things like stuffing me into her suitcase but I'm too tall LOL), and I patted punk Wy, and we hugged again when the flight was boarding and she was just about the last one on there. And then she was gone, and I drove home by myself wondering if I was gonna cry, and on a few occassions I almost did, and I looked up in the sky and knew that if I saw her plane I would but I didn't see any.

Um that weekend I chauffeured lots cause my dad went up to Tamworth to watch the Bathurst car race with his brothers, and I was actually surprised to finish a chapter of my fic so quickly, so I posted it and lucky I did cause the very next morning my computer went kaput again. Have been hassling the computer guy at work all week about getting a new power supply and he's often forgotten, so I'm still without one. The week has gone by okay, no major hassles, and the phone system at reception stopped taking incoming calls which I noticed by 11am not one person had rung in and thought I better check the phone, so I went into official mode then working that out. I seem to do really well when I'm trying to solve a problem. Think I need a career like that hehe. Um... other than that, fic writing has been going well, I've written a whole heap of my next chapter, been on a roll although my creative spurt died by this afternoon and I don't know what to do now or how to get it back, but I was enjoying it while it lasted even though I have no idea how much I've written. I even found the Alex fic thing semi-easy which was good, I did a new chapter of that for Ellen, plus updated LMS 2 for Zarina so she gets more of a chance to play again. Badly I have also been updating B's journal which is gonna throw Melly behind. I've been texting her all week (thankfully not getting in trouble at work for blatantly taking too long doing my work because of it) and I figured there's a good 7 things I want her to do let alone what she wants to do when she comes back. It's horrible, I should stop but I can't :( Ok that's enough from me.

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