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Heartache, boredom, new places & live webcam

I'm not sure if I can say today was eventful or not. I went to bed by 1am so that was a usual Friday night for me, although I wasn't supposed to be staying up late at all. The main reason I did was I was eager to find out how much fic I'd written. I had 16 pages in my notebook which translated (with minor additions) to be 2 2/3rds. I was a little disappointed in that I didn't reach halfway, but it's only been a week so I shouldn't be so hard on myself. I had a great creative run, and unfortunately it died yesterday afternoon.

So I ended up getting up around 9am (guess I didn't need a sleep-in for a change) and thought I'd take a gamble and see if we could get the ABC cause I wanted to see Kelly Clarkson's new vid. Well, to my surprise, it worked, and the first thing on was Nickelback's "Photograph". Admittedly I never thought much of the song at first, and I let Mel send it to me although I knew Russ would get the whole album at some stage, but I do like it now and because of that and the songfic she did she's created some little affiliation between Nickelback and Wyatt and I have to say it's overly annoying when I hear that song that I keep wondering who Wyatt's first girlfriend was. Of course Melly doesn't wanna think about it cause it'd give her a headache (least that's what she said) but it's frustrating cause it's like a great big giant hole in my mind that I cannot come up with anything, nor do I think I have the right being as it's boo's character. Besides, it's not like I should have to come up with everything anyway - it's nice to hear what's in other people's heads.

So I had breakfast and sat around waiting for Kelly Clarkson's new vid, and it was pretty much everything I hoped it could be. It was sad and bittersweet and made me teary, but unfortunately it also spurned a lot of painful memories and I ended up hiding away and crying for a good hour after that. I went looking for support or at least a distraction but found no-one online, nothing posted, my brain couldn't even function at some kind of creative level so I just turned dad's computer off, grabbed my book (and my phone cause by that time Melly was responding) and then headed out into the backyard and sat on the grass reading while the sun dimmed in and out. Oh, yeah, forgot to mention that last update. I finished IT last Saturday and watched the movie, sadly the most gorey stuff was left out :( But now I'm reading one of the Nightmare On Elm Street ones I picked up while the girls were here in Syd which feels like a easier read so it's ok.

Um so I was really bored and hassling Mel via text while I was reading up until I had to go to my friend Jenny's new house. I went over and got the grand tour, the bathroom she completely redid looks fabulous :D I love the bath, it's so HUGE, comes almost up to my waist in height! :o And after that we just played catchup for a while, then we watched 2 Charmed episodes from Season 1. "When Good Warlocks Go Bad" which had Michael Weatherby in it who she LOVES, and er... I've forgotton the title but the 2nd last eppie... oh wait, think it's "Love Hurts" where Leo dies, and Piper switches powers and heals him. So sweet. :D And then we watched the final in fast forward LOL Then she decided she wanted to watch "Phases" from Buffy The Vampire Slayer for Ozness, and I requested Cordelia getting impaled instead (for obvious reasons :$ ) so we searched through season 3 and found the eppie which was "Lover's Walk" where Spike comes back into it! :o And it was where he was singing my fave version of "I did it my way" <3 so I super enjoyed the eppie :D And mum was hassling me to come home for dinner then, so I did that, then once I dropped Russ off at the club I got to come back here and steal his computer *snicker* Mel and I started up the webcams too so everyone got Aussie TV for a night which was really funny and engrossing to watch, took me all night just to do one RPG update. But that's it for today.

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