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Nightmares of the shadowy kind

Um quick news - heard from comupter guy today, demanded to know about my power supply and he said he had it but has to swing by with it sometime *rolls eyes*

Trying to work up the courage here to bring back a nightmare. Not that it's truly horrific. Just the temptation to do something not so nice today kept arising in my mind. Sometimes I wonder how long my resiliance will last, how strong-willed I can be. I can't believe its infinite but it does make me wonder how permeable it is.

Nevertheless even though things appear to be rosy, I find that dreamland has suddenly become a less friendlier place than reality. This, in effect, I don't find particularly nice being as I enjoy sleep and it's one of my escapisisms. Sure its not always believeable, but when you're in one you rarely realise it's a dream.

So yeah when things happen to your friends in them, you get paranoid. When u and your friend spend a whole day with Wes Ramsey and he spends the night with her, you get jealous (but I couldn't actually translate that to real life cause that was just an insane notion and I can't hate my friends like that).

I'm getting far too influenced by books and movies of late. While I was reading IT and watching Charmed, I had a dream about a bunch of kids (which were the ones from IT) who I was fighting evil Pennywise with - the girl could shimmer and one boy could orb, but when they went out of the room to do this they came back as doubles and I had to work out which one was IT in disguise. I have to say that dream was actually fun.

Then there's the ones that try to scare the life out of you. I watched Boogeyman yesterday which features Barry Watson (for those in the know he happens to be Bianca & Wyatt's ebil son Matt in the IDBT RPG). I also read an extremely cute fanfic about little Wyatt telling little Chris about monsters under the bed. Okay you adding up people? Little Barry Watson in the movie was told about monsters under the bed/in the closet by his father. Alright, so you got that in check? Now add to that a partial reading of the Nightmare On Elm Street book series. The scene was in a burns unit of a hospital and one of the girls saw a shadowed figure driving scissor like knives into the chest of a patient. Alright so Boogeyman is kinda shadowy too, and Charmed wise we have the nexus. Now put all that together and you get a series of my nightmares. I had quite a few so I kept waking up about every hour and a half. One time I remember actually waking up and thinking it would make a great story, but I don't remember what that was about LOL

So there was one with this mother who had been taken over by the shadow creature and was having a fit, and these two young boys - the oldest one was a brunette, the younger a blonde. Anyway older son also got taken over by the shadow demon, and I do believe I suddenly found myself in the younger one's body curled up in a ball propelling the monster away by sending out orbs like Wyatt's shield, and trying to recite a 4 line spell that I kept getting the 3rd line wrong cause I was missing a word or something. And I called out to the guy in the doorway about the spell who picked up the doll of a clown and filled me in. And cause I was somewhat drifting awake, I think I tried to create some kind of vanquishing by using the Power Of Three spell because that was all I coud remember, so I had Chris & Wyatt and realising I only had 2 plucked some obscure girl from nowhere to be a cousin or something to form the 3.Waking up, I did look around my room to double check nothing was there and then tried to go back to sleep.

Now these are the horrible dreams, ones where you wake up in the exact same place you fell asleep. The next one I woke up on my bed and had two smoky substance shadow demons stabbing into my body with scissors. Possibly I screamed, although I don't remember if I felt any pain. I grabbed the pillow and swung it at them to fight them off, and being as it just passed through them I knew that was useless. So the only way to stop it (considering I thought I was awake not asleep) was to use the method I had taught myself when I was 6 - to play dead. If they think you're dead, they're mission is fulfilled and they'll leave you alone. Seriously, it has worked every time. So while I stilled my breath and just completely relaxed into nothingness, I realised that these were my inner demons I was fighting, and the moment I seemed dead they actually went back into my body. I then got up and went to the bathroom to find a strange man hiding behind the door, so I tried to smack the door against him and beat him up demanding to know who he was. When he wouldn't answer, I pulled off his beanie and yanked him by his very short hair out to the lounge room where my dad was and agan demanded the man's identity, and I was told he was like a maintenance man or something. Then I woke up again, but I kept my eyes closed for the longest time cause I felt like something was going to grab me from behind, although I knew it was insane and I just wanted to stop feeling so frightened. Mind you I never went back to sleep.

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