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Short & sweet

Okay, well it's severly storming tonight. So much so that my brother completely unplugged me so I couldn't use my computer. He got bored and switched it back on though. So in the 20 mins I have I'm going to be real quick.

I headed to bed just after 2am, being woken by the earlybirders at about 6:45am. So I got to crawl back to my own bed by 7amish and I slept in & out until 11amish.

I headed into town to buy my dad a belated birthday card (it was yesterday, no-one even thought of his birthday, and yet I was the only one who remembered and felt guilty for not having bought a card). It has been raining all day in all degrees so it's been a little crazy. I got home late afternoonish and tried to knuckle down on that Bianca fic before Charmed started. I think I now have a 3 page update on my hands, so I'm halfway there *phew*

I've read a little bit more of It today after not touching the book for however long. Granted that it was mostly because we were switched off cause of the storm. I've gone back into that whole frame of mind of writing not reading so... I guess when I can't get any more inspiration and I really don't want to talk to my buddies then I will return to the book (seriously, there's like a 1% chance of that happening).

So Charmed was on tonight. The wiccaning. I love the Halliwell family. So many family issues arose tonight, and the only thing lacking that would have made it perfect was if Victor had spoken up about how he looks after Chris in the future (or so we all gather from that last ep they were in having dinner & stuff ;) ). There was a lot of focus on little Wyatt and I really really wish that we could have more of these eps. Worst thing was that horrible Channel 10 in Adelaide have deprived Mel of seeing Charmed ever again in favour of the AFL, and this was a REALLY important ep for the Wyatt girl to see. So bad she didn't get to see it. I was swearing and crying by the end because it was so good, and there was nothing I could do about getting it to her :S Maybe I should have taped it and sent it Express post ;)

So that's enough from me. Hopefully I'll get a longer update up tomorrow (and maybe more Bianca fic done - yay!)

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