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Monotony overdue gets completed

I was right to realise last night my mother was going to get me up early today. I managed to make my way to bed by 12:30, but my mum got me up at 7:30. So it was the first of our shopping trips. We got my power supply which was only $33 (for the 400W - seriously why was I getting charged double for something less?) and much lighter. I went and bought some more green stuff for my Mari top, and was so impressed by one that I went in search of the white variety but they didn't have any :( Mind you on our 2nd shopping trip I managed to find an abundance so I was happy, and I also found stuff for a present I'm trying to put together so that's completed. I also got mum shoes for Christmas and a bunch of stuff to wash my car since my dad took off with mine and either destroyed it or lost it. So I had every intention of FINALLY washing my car after a good year or something of it needing it (yeah, ok so dad has "occassionally" decided to do a half-assed job of it whilst doing his in the meantime) but I had to work around the rain. So whilst it poured down and I left my bucket outside to fill up (it didn't even fill the bottom LOL) I had lunch and watched Cold Case from 2 weeks ago. Despite Jen complaining to me there wasn't enough Scotty and no Elisa mention, she actually got it completely wrong. He was in it, there was talk about her, and I could feel myself getting teary about the whole suicide thing all over again.

My brother was feeling unwell on our first shopping trip so once we got home he slept while I did that and went on our 2nd shopping trip, and I chatted to my net buds a little until the rain cleared up and then went out to wash my car. In the meantime Russ installed my power supply. I'm actually quite proud of the job I did on my car, I was very thorough and I really felt as if I was doing something good and had achieved something. Once I finished up I came in and Russ and I cleaned around my desk and took some stuff out so now I have plenty of room and a computer that works! *yay* Plus the power supply is really quiet so he got jealous then hehe.

It's been far too easy to fall back into the "I can't think what to do or be bothered" routine. I made the little banner I wanted too, which looks ok cause of the pic quality, but I really do suck at Photoshop - got no idea how to be as snazzy as all my friends. And I do generally upset myself over it. But it's not like I was ever that good at art in the first place. My fortay is writing, and that's where my skill lies. At least driving my brother out to drop him off at another of his "club indulgence" nights helped me to think a little clearer. Yeah I almost cried (massive overplay of Switchfoot's new album. <3 "The Blues" - gonna use it for a Wyatt song in the future (a) So it's all their fault because they make me over-relate to their stuff or relate it to characters & cry) but at least I was able to come up with some things that needed doing on my computer so I wouldn't just sit here being bored. Mind you I can't transfer that last chapter of my fic :\ I will at some stage need to move on with it, but I'm not really sure why I'm holding back - I don't know if it's to give me a break considering how fast I was laying down those last few chapters, or whether I don't want what's going to happen to happen, or just the simple fact that it's going to require a lot of emotion channeling again and I'm not up for it at the moment. Whatever the case may be, at some stage I'll get back to it.

Well that's my day. My brother, my mum and I are all planning to go to the movies tomorrow to see Dark Water. Should be fun. At least I hope it is. Maybe I just need another good film to trigger some more inspiration.

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