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I did the impossible! *yay*

Okay I'm probably gonna be bad and spam my journal twice in one day (dependant on how quick I'm packed tonight) but I just had to celebrate the fact I finished something which I thought was damn near impossible.

Yes, although 98% of the population out there might not care, I finished the next chapter of my fic. No it's not going up yet cause I have to assemble it first & proofread it, but it will be going up tonight. I've had to split myself between work and home doing it, and remembering how much quicker it was to type it (as happened with the end of the last chapter) than handwrite followed by retyping I knew I had to employ that method here at work. Also helped that it has been raining and I've been very near disabled with the state of my knee (which, although strapped and slightly improving, I smacked again earlier today and just about cried at the pain. It's not helping if I keep trying to injure myself).

So neglecting work slightly (but not a severe lot) I have managed to finish that. I also managed to send off a Happy Birthday email to Marisol this morning which I'm very happy with - I was causing myself so much stress last night for forgetting (since I was too interested in packing and saying bye to turtle). Thankfully we're over half a day ahead from the USA in Sydney so I could still get it over on the right day. I haven't had a hell of a lot of sleep being as I spent almost 2 hours in bed last night trying to get to sleep, and then yet again waking an hour early this morning. So this morning I was really annoyed with myself and wondering why I couldn't be aware of this sleep-neglect to spend it doing something useful other than lie there waiting.

Speaking of Marisol, I started up an LJ community for her (with Melly's help) and I'm very proud of what I've achieved so far :D There's regular on-time updates and they're all so prettiful. It does make me wish we were running a website, but at least I'm doing the best I can with what's been given.

In other news I'm going to Adelaide from VERY early hours of Saturday morning (another reason I'm frustrated at myself for lack of sleep) which'll be fun, although excitement is being nicely mingled with nauseous nerves so... hope it'll be alright. And we lost Zarina to Canada yesterday :( Was all sad and stuff but I did say my major goodbyes the night before so all I could really do was spam-hug her (and express a fear I've been riding on the past few months which I keep telling her but I think she's under the impression I'm being paranoid :$). I'm sure I'll worry about her until we hear from her again. It's not nice to have someone disappear with no contact for a while :(

Hmm thought I said I was doing this twice? Just about covered everything hehe. Might expand later then if I think of something *-)

I'm still on a Hoobastank song frenzy cause of my fic. Oh and look the song I needed just came on *snicker*

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