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The overly long much awaited holiday review with extra bits

I’m forever going to be behind if I don’t keep this short – so I’ll try to be both brief and detailed about it all.

Firstly the movie I’ve been hanging to see since, I dunno, March or something. “Dark Water” is a remake of an Asian Horror, and it stars Jennifer Connelly and Ariel Gade. I tell you I’m kidnapping that girl for my little Bianca. She’s so damn cute, and she looks much like the little Bianca they used on Charmed. I was well rewarded with the film – even if it was mostly because of those ultra-cute moments (like when she stuck her tongue out at the maintenance guy). It was another good way to show how useless males can be, how full of shit people are, and how frustrating it can be for someone trying to get a simple problem fixed because others are too lazy and uncaring to help. I’m totally the opposite, I’ll go out of my way to help someone, and it’s severely annoying to have to endure something like that from other people – especially when you’re so helpful yourself. So, anyway, I have to say the film wasn’t scary at all. Anyone wanting to see a tame horror film could watch that. It was good for what it was, but I wouldn’t rate it well in that category. And surely once I get around to doing my Unaffected soundtrack, there will be piccies of Ariel Gade in there :D Such a cutie hehe.

Now a good horror to watch is The Amityville Horror. I haven’t seen the original, but the remake with Ryan Reynolds and Australia’s Melissa George was something that quickly snapped up my attention. There was blood running from power points, a creepy ghost girl running around, whispering voices, scared whacked-out babysitters, cute mom/dad couple (yes ok I was making Wy/B comparisons :$) where the male of the pair went psycho (seriously, for a comedy actor, Ryan does a good scary  ) Two thumbs up, I recommend it to everyone.

Now quickly some personal news. My mum got a call from our doctor the night before I was due to leave for Adelaide. Apparently they found a problem with her results. Mum I think more or less took it as a death sentence so she was in tears. They had to test her out in the first place in case the cancer had gone elsewhere – so now she has to visit a specialist but she can’t afford it (another reason she was upset I think). She has to get a letter from our doctor first but she hasn’t done it – although she said yesterday that he said it wasn’t urgent so *shrug* I dunno what’s happening there. But she’s supposed to be going back into hospital and I don’t think she wants to. But on a better newsfront – my dad has secured himself a job sorting mail at the post office from like 10pm-6am. His first night there was Tuesday night. They just need extra hands because of the Christmas rush so it’s unlikely he’ll be working there for long. But it’s something that’s a little more positive here.

Okay now for my Adelaide trip

So after getting very little sleep from a hectic Friday night of packing, attempting to console my mother (who didn’t really want a bar of me), and trying to force myself to go to sleep at an insane hour so I could get up at an even more insane hour (seriously, I had to get up at like 3-3:30am which is usually the time I go to bed on the weekend if the musketeers have managed to keep me up that late). Surprisingly I wasn’t overly sleepy, although I ended up taking too long in the shower and running late. So we left about 7 mins late or something after me madly rushing around, took a diversion to avoid being pulled over by police for random breath testing (or whatever they were doing), and despite the rain and a little bit of traffic we made it to the airport on time. I checked myself in where even the guy behind the counter was yawning it was so early, and then walked back and stayed with mum and dad for a little while until they left. I went to walk through the scanner section and the lady 2 ppl in front of me kept setting the alarm off, so they made her take off her bracelets (which she did one at a time *rolls eyes*) and then finally when they made her take her thongs off – which had no visible metal attachment might I add – she was clear to go through. I walked down to Gate 35 which Mel & I have designated the Adelaide gate because all but the first time she left has she come and gone through that one. We boarded late, the whole time I was sitting there feeling anxious about going, feeling guilty for leaving my family. It was the first time I’d travelled anywhere by myself in almost a decade cause every other holiday I’ve always had either Jenny or my brother with me. I was more than relieved to get on the plane. It was nice not to have anyone sitting next to me, although the incredibly rude/ignorant girl in the seat next to that thought she’d use the spare seat to keep tossing her things into.

So the flight was nice, it looked quite beautiful outside when we left. Despite boarding late, we actually left on time. I found one of the flight attendants quite funny because he accidentally pointed to the wrong sign while doing his demonstration which he had a good laugh about too. I tried to sleep but found I couldn’t, so I made a decent attempt to do some fic, just about closing my little notebook when I pushed myself to continue. Done with that, I got about an hour of very light sleep. Then we were over the shoreline of South Australia (just happened to be outside Glenelg *snigger* I recognised it when we got there), and as the sun glinted off the water whilst we turned back towards land I found that eerily beautiful too. I had to smile when “Breathe (2am)” by Anna Nalick came onto the overhead radio – that song seems to be playing everywhere when I’m with a musketeer. It brought good memories and I knew I was truly away at that point.

We landed just before 8:30am (SA time – they’re half an hour behind us) and I noticed the terminal was a little like Coolangatta with all the glass walkways and things. I walked into a little waiting area and looked around and saw Melly ducking and weaving to get my attention so I ran up and hugged her. And then she pointed out her mum behind her who was carrying her baby nephew Tyson. I said hi, rambled some incoherent stuff about my flight (I think LOL) and took a step to head towards the baggage claim – which was right in front of me LOL. Adelaide is small *nods* So we waited around for my bag and I had to push in to grab it, trying not to knock small children flying in the process of pulling it off. Then Melly stole it off me and we went out to the car. We drove around a bit and parked in the city, then went down a little alley to get some pancakes (my second breakfast hehe) and a chocolate thickshake which came in a huge glass that I couldn’t finish. It was all very yummy.

After that we drove around a bit more doing various errands. Got to pick up Melly’s laptop which was fun cause we went into the store and they had no signs in there telling you where the repair section was. Eventually we found it, and then tried to exit through the entry doors which apparently only open one way (although I did try to pry the glass open with my fingers until Melly noticed it was an entry only). So we went down past the register through the exit right near where the car was. Er… I believe Tyson needed to be changed at that point. Um… I spent a lot of time in the back seat next to him trying to entertain him to stop him from crying. He had fun playing with my jewellery and my hair, and when that wasn’t interesting Mel spent a lot of time jamming a dummy or bottle in his mouth to try and keep him quiet. Though I did make him smile a few times and Mel reprimanded me for saying I was bad with kids cause I wasn’t (um, yeah something along those lines, she appeared to be reading my mind LOL). After many twists and turns and Mel pointing out “her” sheep, we got to her place which was tinier than I had expected, but everything fit perfectly in there. I got a barking welcome from her little dog Corey who wouldn’t shutup LOL Um… I made my way up to Melly’s room and was totally excited to see the pictures on her wall :$ I’m a dag – I liked the fact there was people I recognised, and I remembered the Jason Isaacs picture from when she put the webcam on it so it was good to get some familiarity too. And I LOVED her purple tv. So cute :D And her bed *-) I’m so sad LOL It was all just very cool. And Corey continued to chase us up the hallway and bark so I shut the door on him, although when I went back down to the lounge room and he still did the same thing I noticed he was behaving more when Mel was around so I called him a chicken *snigger*

Um I was pretty eager to get to Mel’s house cause I was dying to give her her present, so I unearthed it from my disarrayed suitcase (which made it easier to pull out cause of the crushed mess). So while I was trying to organise myself, she unwrapped it and literally squealed when she saw part of what it was. I got her the Harry Potter Scene It game. Her mum claimed I stole her thunder cause she was thinking about getting it for Mel too. Then I quickly offered to play it with her despite not knowing anything, and she put it aside and then jumped up and down cause she wanted to give me my birthday present then. So she ran away and came back with a HUGE box of Strawberry Freddos and a large green Unicorn (was like the adult version of my purple one hehe) which I called Marisol… cause of the green-ness :$ LOL

I seriously don’t remember after that or how it came about being planned that way, but we ended up at Marion to go see Stay at the movie theatre. We went up and bought tickets, then came back down and killed time in Sanity (music store) until there was only a little time left, then went back up to raid the candy bar. Was our substitute lunch *snicker* I told the guy he had to be nice to me cause I came all the way from Sydney (I was big on making this point to everyone that day LOL), and so he served me then walked off without serving Melly! :O Anyways I got this ice-cream called Choc Obsession. It’s similar to a choctop but we don’t have those in Sydney so I indulged (a) Basically it’s white & normal chocolate covering a cone containing chocolate ice-cream. And it was DELICIOUS. Mel was telling me about how all the bigger cinemas are themed, and we were going into an Oscar one which had little statues all along the wall. It was pretty neat. Then the movie started and, lemme see, basically they had warnings on the commercial for suicidal themes/references – people the whole thing was about suicide. So not for the faint hearted. I kept cursing them every time they made reference to something that I affiliated with – stuff that I’d said or done. The fact there was multiple things in there actually irritated me. I pushed it aside in favour of trying to work out what was going on in the story. It kept repeating in cycles, and there were weird camera angles, and I knew that was probably why it flopped in the US – disturbing themes and when movies are made bizarrely people don’t like seeing things out of the norm or that has to make them think. Believe me Mel and I almost brought headaches upon ourselves trying to figure it out. The end was actually satisfying and made the writer look quite brilliant, and I actually think they did a good job on it but we had to blame someone for the over thinking and so I hit out at the director :$ Um I was actually a little upset after the movie cause I kept running things over in my head, but talking about Wyatt and… probably my fic again… helped throw me out of the mindset a little. Of course the woman running around asking for money was a nice distraction also which almost made me forget what I was talking about.

After we got picked up we went down to Glenelg. It was stifling hot by this stage, and poor Tyson had pink cheeks cause the car was so warm. I was letting him play with the large cross I was wearing when my nose spontaneously started bleeding. For some reason I had expected that to happen cause I packed tissues especially for that, so I fumbled to get that out, and then Tyson was trying to grab it from me cause he was having so much fun playing with my stuff he thought he could have that too, but I had to push him away. Thankfully it wasn’t too severe, and it was a relief to get outside where it was a little cooler than the car and walk down the street. I made an observation that they have an abundance of chocolate shops down there (almost suggesting I was living in the wrong state hehe). We kept walking down until we got to the crosswalk before the beach, spying a store with Emily gear on the way but it was closed. My camera was playing up, only stayed on for like 7 seconds to take a photo and then would switch off (so apologies if they suck :$). Mel was worried I was going to be hit by a tram because I wanted to take weird scenic photos, but there was none coming so it was ok. We went down to the beach but didn’t have gear to swim with, so we just walked along the wharf. It felt like the sun was burning my back so we talked about sunburn and bad fishing stories (cause we saw people fishing). Um some idiots were jumping off the jetty despite there being a sign there saying not to. We walked back up to the shops and went and grabbed some dinner at Billy Baxters. I over ordered because I hadn’t eaten anything all day, but ended up not being able to eat all of it. I was fighting to start my meat, and then when my stomach started protesting each bite I took, giving off some kind of weird signal, I ended up giving up. This was after Mel told me to stop eating it like 3 times LOL I’m so stubborn :$

We then went further up the street and stopped outside a CD store where we flipped through the bargain bins. I ended up finding 3 Enigma CDs I didn’t have (one of them being a Best of and cause there were 2 albums I couldn’t pick up there I got that too). We went further inside the store which was a huge mistake. It was like every step we took I found something. So I picked up a Chris Isaak live DVD (never seen one b4, and I’ve always wanted to go to one of his concerts but people either couldn’t come with me or couldn’t afford it), found some stuff to tempt Melly with, ended up in the DVD section where I pointed out The Island poster to her. I zeroed in on the Horror DVDs and flicked through them and what should I find? There was one with Jensen Ackles in it! :O Never even knew it existed. I read the back and it sounded interesting, and I was LMAO that there was a girl called Marisol in it. Mel couldn’t believe it either. I kept seeing so many Bianca/Marisol/Phoenix things on my trip (something I forgot to tell Mel – Bianca boarded me onto the plane haha) it was unbelievable, but I somehow find it oddly reassuring cause it feels like a sign I’m doing the right thing. Once I was done there, I took a step to the right where the Sci-Fi/Fantasy section was and they had Clash Of The Titans! *bounce* I asked Jen to get it for me as a present the other year and it disappeared  Tis one of the films I loved when I was younger, so I made sure to snap that one up. Then I had to force myself not to pick up anything else (although there were many other things of interest) and I ended up spending 80-something dollars in there. Mind u it was probably the highest expenditure of my trip so it’s ok. After that we walked to the end of the street, checked out the Harry Potter poster outside the cinema there where Mel was telling me about Draco being a bouncing ferret, then we went back to the bottom of the street to grab a taxi (although one appeared before we got there which was handy). We went to the softball place where her mum and sister were and chairs were being assembled and Mel and I ended up playing this little jumping game with Tyson getting him to jump from one of our laps to the other (with assistance of course). Mel’s sister came out and tried to get me or Mel to babysit Tyson the next day, but both Mel & I told her Mel couldn’t do it cause she had to look after me and one kid was enough *snicker*

Eventually we got back to Mel’s place. We ended up playing both Scene It games she had. I was becoming convinced the questions on the DVD had nothing to do with the clips, but falling into that little trap they tripped me up by asking for a number or colour from it. It was actually really fun – we had started out with the short game but that was over so quickly (Mel won of course hehe) so we went for the longer game. Had to get Melly to drop me clues for the Harry Potter one cause it didn’t help that I hadn’t seen the 3rd film nor read the books :$ And it had been so long since I’d seen the original films. And they also kept giving Melly the easy questions! LOL So cause it was completely outweighed, to make it tougher on her I started making her answer all 3 questions on the card instead of just one. And Mel also did a double circuit around the board, but she still won haha. It was when I actually unpacked that I discovered I forgot my toothbrush, but thankfully Mel had a spare one. Then we went to bed which was sometime after 1am and I slept pretty well until almost midday.

So I got up and first thing I did was have a shower (I sometimes have a habit of doing everything backwards on holidays, mostly cause I know I take so long). Then I went out to Melly who told me she had set everything out for me for breakfast and she went to have her shower. I went into the kitchen and saw she’d left me everything but the sugar (and I thought it was actually really sweet she had done that) so I went in search of it and, yeah, if you read B’s LJ you would know I did freak out thinking I had used salt instead of sugar but twas all ok. So I went back into the lounge room and parked myself on the couch while I was eating and then Corey came racing down barking his little head off and I thought it was cause of me again but it was just someone outside. Then, of all things, I found he wanted to be friends with me! :O He was still somewhat cautious, but he came up to me wagging his tail so I patted him, then he decided to jump up next to me on the couch and come up closer, so I patted him again, and then he decided he was going to lie down next to me for a bit until something else grabbed his attention and he raced off again. But I was all proud of myself for winning him over. Mind you he was never that friendly to me again LOL

After I finished I went up to Mel’s room to read a little till she was ready, but she disappeared down to the lounge room to do the same thing so I went down and told her to stop hiding from me (a) Then I suggested she do my Tarot so she did it for the next week which said earlier this week I would be busy with ideas and at the end basically I was gonna fall to pieces due to all the lies. Can say it hasn’t really happened that way, so it’s a good thing. Melly’s turned up the World card again which keeps telling her to let go of the past and move on. Funnily enough Kelly said something very similar before she did Because Of You that night. After that we watched William Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet which was funny – a) because I had the drabbles table in front of me that we’d signed up for and was taking every minor character comment from the movie and finding something on there for it & b) cause Mel realised that the character we loved so much – Mercutio – was played by Michael from LOST!!! :O Then Mel’s mum was home so we went back down to Marion to a place called Spargo’s for dinner and got pasta. :D Mel’s mum had “Harry’s Chicken” so there were endless Harry Potter references, and Mel wanted to be 5 and order meatballs so she started singing “On Top Of Spaghetti” and I kept saying “when Tyson sneezed” cause he sneezed on Mel and made her sick  It poured down in rain outside *bounce* so I was all happiness, and I couldn’t finish my meal again  Um at some point Mel asked her mum if she could hear us playing Scene It till late to which she responded she could hear us laughing from outside and was going to offer us something to drink but didn’t know what she was going to walk in on. Seriously, I almost blushed cause my mind instantly went “Wy/B” & “something to gutter things when Michael asks” I’m so bad :$

We had a while till Kelly so I came up with the suggestion that they show me those Christmas decorations they were raving about on the way into Adelaide that you have to line up to see. So we went down there whilst Melly was singing a song from Mary Poppins and pining for her bag, and it was raining very lightly. Mel and I got out of the car and walked along looking at Boxing Kangaroos (which ended up floating down the canal cause Adelaide flooded not long after I left and all the decorations were lost  So lucky I got to see it but no piccies cause we didn’t think we were allowed to take cameras to Kelly), various fairytale and nursery rhyme figures. There was a giant whale who I deemed Moby Dick. They had Christmas crackers all along the way with Merry Christmas on them in a variety of languages so Mel & I tried to work out what some were. I knew the Indonesian one straight away. One looked vaguely Italian but I wasn’t sure. We walked down under the bridge and Mel didn’t know where we were going, but I said if we went too far we could always turn back. Anyways we ended up on a dirt driveway going back to the road so we walked up there and crossed over to the Entertainment Centre. There were plenty of people inside, and they’d split the merchandise onto two different desks which was weird. They had photos, posters and glow sticks at one, and everything else at the other. So even though I was DYING to get the huge ass poster I wanted (which Mel nicely reminded me would be like impossible to take home  I wouldn’t have been able to fit it in the suitcase) I ended up getting the smaller photo version which Mel got too :D And she got a program that had lots of pretty pics and song quotes in it. Then we went down the stairs in through the doors (door 3 seemed to be missing so I was joking about the number being a figment of your imagination and it didn’t exist in Adelaide) and section E was right down the front on the side – so close! *bounce* So I was all happiness and huggy cause we had good seats. PLUS she had huge screens on the sides too which made it doubly good. The music preceding the show was a strange collection, although some of it was fairly good and made us wonder what it was (I wanted a song list in the back of the program hehe). Um we indulged on more Strawberry Freddos I had stowed away from my collection, grumbling at all the people with digital cameras. Was so unfair we could have got some great shots *sigh*

So the concert started with the support act Rogue Traders who now have our resident Neighbours soapie starlet Natalie Bassingthwaite on lead vocals. I was remarking to Mel that it’s so sad this is the 3rd time I’ve seen her live – first time was in the stage show Footloose before she was on tv, 2nd time the Grease concert earlier this year, and now in Adelaide. I swear she must have the hugest fan club there – they screamed as much for her as for Kelly. Mind you the fact that one of the guys in the band said they were biggest in Adelaide kinda confirmed that thought. So that band was very energetic & bouncy like at the ARIAs which actually made you get into some of their songs although they weren’t anything addictive like their first single off this album – “Voodoo Child”. They left that song till last of course but even I felt the urge to get up and dance. I was actually very restrained not to haha. Then we had AC/DC come on and the whole crowd was singing along as Kelly’s band came out, then Kelly. All of them were wearing construction hats they found out back “because they were bored”. Kelly’s said jelly which was cute “and kinda close”. It was so funny and cute that she was in such awe of us – it was like she was thinking “are you really here to see me? I feel like I’m just supporting that other band”. She’s such a sweet and funny girl; you can tell she’s come a long way. She still can’t register that all this has happened to her. She loves to run around barefoot which was something we noticed – she never wore shoes. And she looked great no matter what she wore. The songs were all great, even when she was being screamy. Her stories were funny. Loved “Beautiful Disaster” which she did acapella (without instrumentation). Think it could possibly be my favourite with the way I reacted when it started :$ LOL But she was telling us that when she recorded it on the first album that it was the record producers who wanted all that poppy version, but on the 2nd album (with the live & BEST version) she did it the way she wanted to and that was her “stick it to the man story”. Her current single “Because Of You” she actually wrote when she was 16  and it’s about how she realised that everyone has a weird and complicated family, and it was her way of trying to move past things. Nowadays she screams at the ocean outside her LA beach house (and she encouraged everyone to scream and get it out). There was only a second there where she looked like she might cry, but she was ok, and so was I cause I spent too much time trying to take pics with my camera on my phone LOL Melly, on the other hand, shed tears over that song and the follow-up “Why” by Annie Lennox. I gave her hugs and drowned out reassurance during that. Um… also for “Behind These Hazel Eyes” she came running out in a wedding dress like the clip and had this incredible thunder & rain track leading up to it. I so wanted it :$ hehe. And she did like the Idol version of “Hear Me” (ie. Cut out the 2nd verse so it was only a minute and a half long :S ) and well the show was over in an hour which was rather sad. We couldn’t believe how early it finished. Despite being okay (which I was super happy about) I did start heating up in there pretty badly. It was due to the amount of body heat I think (which should be surprising in a place which looked like our entertainment centre with the middle gutted out) and funnily enough I was saying to Mel as we left after a good 70% of the crowd had disappeared “oh I can feel the air-conditioning now” hehe. So we went out planning our kidnap of Kelly (11am the next day cause that’s when she said she slept hehe) and made our way around to the car. They started to play the CD somewhere behind us and we were joking she’d come back out on stage again so we had to go back. But we got in the car, stopping off to pick up some groceries on the way back. I offered to come with Mel cause she was a bit braindead and couldn’t remember everything so I played second memory :D Then we went back to her place and checked some stuff on the net and played with the online dictionary. Corey went feral cause he got his claws stuck in the blanket on Mel’s bed, but then he raced away after Mel set him free so it was ok.

We decided to not stay up till all hours cause we had to get up at 9 and do something productive. I made Mel go to bed while I made sure to pack properly. Despite me waking up at 6:20 and thinking it was 2:30am, I managed to actually sleep properly. We headed into the city via bus, then train, and then walked to her mum’s work. Although I now had the extension done up on my bag, it was actually heavier than when I came over so dragging it around everywhere ended up making my hands all red. Mel faked trying to heal them for me which I told her she didn’t love me enough cause it didn’t work :$ Um it was also lucky I stowed away Marisol the unicorn in the boot of the car because we spent most of the day walking in the rain. We had a quick lunch of Hot Dogs & water at a café, then went up to the SA office of my work. Looking for the number we stopped outside a seafood café which wasn’t it, and then found a little door to the inside and they’re actually on the 2nd floor. So we climbed the stairs and saw a printed out piece of paper with our logo and name on it (and I remarked to Mel that’s how cheap our company is – can’t even get a proper sign). The office was similar to our old one with the felt wall things and wooden offices with plastic windows. I saw the sales manager and waved to him, then saw Pat & Maria so I went into their office and we sat there for an hour – mostly gossiping. It was funny how they had similar opinions to things as me, and they were really friendly. So I was really glad when I left because I felt like things I had been worried about (ie. Meeting Mel’s family and these people in the SA office and actually holding some kind of conversation with them) didn’t go as badly as I expected.

Mel and I jumped onto a tram to head down to Glenelg so we could make our 3rd attempt at the Emily stuff. My camera died then unfortunately. The trams look as if they’re the original things from like a hundred years ago, but I love the fact they look so historical. Yeah being tall it was a tight squeeze in those seats, and we had to listen to school kids change their names for half an hour and sing the fake ones to the tune of “C’mon Aussie C’mon” all the way, but it was fun. And we finally got into the store and I ended up walking away with a white hat (for the Gold Coast – says Get Lost hehe) and um some butterfly/skull type socks – none of which were the stuff I was admiring in the window. We also ran into the book store there because we spied a book in the window which was “I hate my life and want to die – 100 of the most depressing songs you’ll ever here”. It was actually hilarious to hear Melly request the book reciting only the first part of the title to the startled woman behind the counter. Flicking through that book I discovered “Brick” was actually about an abortion (I didn’t know this – I actually envisioned something much worse which just goes to show my lovely twisted state of mind). Um, we also ran into the candy store and I picked up some candy bracelets which I haven’t had since I was little. Almost sounded like I was gonna break my teeth on them hehe.

Headed back into the city and hit the worst lot of rain yet. The only thing I could think of where I got more drenched was walking to Jocelyn’s engagement party which required standing in front of the fire. This time around I got hot chocolate after Melly tried to shield me from the rain with her hands. Twas funny. Good that I had my waterproof jacket on *nods* Then we drove to the Maccas’s drive through to grab some dinner on the way to the airport. I insisted Mel eat as well (I was being very bossy about this LOL Even told her off Sunday morning for not having breakfast :$ ), and then we got to the airport and Mel almost lost her digital camera trying to juggle everything. I was trying to do my best to shield my unicorn but not succeeding. Then we were in the terminal which looked different cause we were in a different section :\ Um Harry Potter premiere was on the news so we were watching that. Didn’t wanna go. I was probably the last person on the plane. Tried to stow Melly away with me but her mum pointed out she didn’t have a boarding pass. Hugged Mel like a thousand times. Mel’s mum suggested we head inbetween and move to Melbourne *snigger* Was pretty sad to be going cause I dunno when we’re gonna see each other again. We all had to run out on the tarmac in the pouring rain, and I at least got my unicorn under my jacket mostly this time so she didn’t end up too wet, although I crammed her against the wall next to me on the plane cause I didn’t want them telling me to move her (so I hid her well basically). Had no-one in the row with me which was great, although surprising. They played “Breathe (2am)” on the overhead radio again, and this time I cried. I think it’s much harder to leave someone than be the one left. In a way I felt I was abandoning her because I hadn’t been there long, because I didn’t know when/if I was coming back, or whether she was coming here. I couldn’t actually believe how easily the tears fell and I was laughingly thinking to myself how insane it was that I’ve reduced myself to not being able to cry in front of anyone now. It makes “Behind These Hazel Eyes” all the more relevant to me. Anyway, I managed to finish my book on the plane, think I wrote a little more fic :\ I didn’t sleep at all. It got very dark outside and it was hard to see anything. We had a fair bit of turbulence (but I actually like that so it was okay LOL). Um he turned the lights out at one point. I was kinda appalled at the cabin crew on the way home but *shrug* there you go. I cried a little more before we landed. Sydney looked beautiful all lit up, but I dunno where we were flying over. Landed late (although the pilot said it was early – he was completely screwed up with his times). Mum and dad picked me up and then we had to go pick my brother up who went out to dinner and then the club cause he didn’t realise I was coming home that night, so we ended up getting home really late. I was so tired I barely unpacked, I just wanted to sleep. All in all it was a good holiday – I just wish it didn’t have to end so quickly.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Mel with her birthday pressie (and Corey on her right)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Glenelg again

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Me at Glenelg Beach just next to the wharf

Okay and lastly I have to thank the beautiful wonderful turtle for my birthday gift. I was overly ecstatic at even just the paper (it was Disney – I’m easily amused *snicker*) And now I have Ryan’s new album *cheer* and more Kane & Within Temptation. My little dutchie you so rock! *HUGZ* Not to mention the chocolate and matching Diddle I got (I saw Melly’s in Adelaide ;) ) I’m so very happy about that pressie :D And now since it’s suprememly late I gotta rush to get these piccies up too hehe.
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