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Someone needs to buy my some extra hours

Okay this is absolutely nuts. Already I'm running out of time again, and I didn't even have time to update last night *cries* Not to mention I was given an early mark from work today and ended up getting home later than normal. I have to admit, I made some good decisions to be gifted with getting home only 5 mins late and not half an hour or something.

So *wohoo!* got the next chapter of the Bianca fic done. 2003 is now officially over, and I can jump forward. Only problem is I'm completely stuck on what to write. I came up with some friends for Bianca today, and part of a little scene, but that's when I jump forward a few more years. And I haven't worked all that out yet, so I think the next couple of updates are going to be a long way away. I know I still have to do some research. I have 3 things waiting for me to go through research-wise, and all of them at home (where there's limited time) so I'm not too happy about that. There's no real way around it so I have to live with it I guess. At least I'll be on holidays in a few weeks (to make a costume, though, not to write fanfic, but undoubtedly the computer will draw me away from the sewing machine). I am so happy with myself that I have worked out so many things though. I find it hard not to travel way way down the road to when Chris & Wyatt get a feature in the story next, and especially following the confrontation in the attic in Chris-Crossed. It sits, building lines, building thoughts, building movements in my mind. And I worry that I'll never remember things as good once I get to them. I've taken to writing down notes for all those headache things I've worked out, I really don't want to forget them after taking so long to work out. And little clips of scenes that are coming up I'm writing down little reminder notes - I know they worked the majority of the time for Lessons Learned so I'm sticking with that fad. Speaking of which, I got a very VERY short review for that fic today. And not even from someone who read the first one. :S But it is good to see people who don't know me reading and enjoying my stories.

I know I could probably ramble about that all night so I've only left myself 5 mins to write about anything else. I can't even remember yesterday now. PErhaps I should have made an effort to update this earlier in the day. Today was nothing thrilling. The new sales manager is, hmm, odd. I still can't work him out. I get the feeling he's trying too hard to be nice. And I think he's a fairly decent guy, so I'm trying to stop myself from thinking he's a creep like a lot of the other guys at my work. So that one is still open for thought. My mum left early to go see the doctor. She's put herself on a no-carbs diet over the past 5 weeks and has taken to riding on the exercise bike. I should say I'm quite proud of her, and she was proud of herself because she was under the impression that she had been losing up to a kilo a week. But apparently the doctor's scales said she hadn't lost anything, and he had another go at her about eating badly. So she was quite upset when she came home and wouldn't talk, not until later, but I knew for sure she was going to end up taking it out on me. I warned my friends probably a good hour or two beforehand, and sure enough the lashing out began. Just over meager things. I knew she'd blow everything out of proportion. I'm surprised I didn't cry, I was close enough to it. It was nice to have my good buddies to support me though.

Um, ok, so time's officially up *sigh* I don't know what I'll do tomorrow - if I'll write more or if I'll give myself another day off. We'll just wait and see what the day brings.

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