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Progress report

Got up at a decent hour this morning (ie. between 9 and 10am) so I have actually had an opportunity to do some things. Sadly it seems stuff that is left requires thinking and I'm all headachy so I dunno how to achieve that. But just to proove to myself I've actually done something...


* Typing up part of the next chapter of Unaffected from notebook {2.40 pages}
* Mel finally got the huge-ass Marisol zip file of pics. Bush & James Blunt next in queue.
* Uploaded "Beautiful Disaster" Wyatt & "Stand My Ground" Charmed:Prodigy credit vids. Uploading still in progress.
* Ordered new Westlife CD & #1's in Concert DVD for Helen (present). Also ordered well over a hundred dollars of CDs + 1 DVD from Canada (Tis so expensive cause I wanted them before the end of the year) :$ Not gonna like my next visa bill.
* Briefly went out shopping but couldn't find anything (except clothes but I have enough summer stuff so I didn't let myself buy anything). Discovered The Movies is out on 16th November *cheer*
* Updated Marisol Nichols community with release dates for Big Momma's House 2
* Trip to the post office to pay the tax man and get that box for El
* Watched CSI


* Buy batteries
* Continue writing next chapter of Unaffected
* 96 drabbles to go
* Send more stuff to Mel
* Wrap & send present for El
* Unaffected soundtrack (clip as well if I'm ultra inspired)
* Upload all my Charmed music vids again and post them
* Buy theme park tickets for Gold Coast holiday
* Try to assemble a costume for upcoming murder mystery
* Watch more stuff


* Chris clips
* Blind Justice DVDs
* Watch all those DVDs I bought/received as presents
* Listen to my new CDs
* Make my own fic writing community for song titles *snigger* (don't plan on doing that til I finish my drabbles)

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