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Welcome to the deep, dark & crazy world that is my imagination
My wrist kills. Well right up to the elbow almost. How much I want to… 
16th-Nov-2005 08:28 pm
Grave Lying
My wrist kills. Well right up to the elbow almost. How much I want to blame today but I can't. Yes it was hectic, yeah it probably was stressful. For a change I actually worked my little butt off instead of cruising the net for weird things I had to know, stalking other people's LJs/df.nl, or spamming Melly with emails. People asked the impossible from me. People wanted to know every little detail of our company which I didn't have time for. Even my little trip to the bank was mostly business, although Michael tried to start some kind of convo about "Wes" asking if he was still sick (yup, Melly/Wes has tonsilitis which he knows about. There have been some crazily fun and hilarious conversations with Michael which I haven't posted, and I won't cause I can't remember them, but at least my partner in crime has been kept in check via my spam emails :$)

Also Russ bought a playstation on Sunday with a music trivia quiz in a pack. And at the same time I bought the 80s Singstar Karaoke thing *yay* which I saved a good $30 on :D We played a medium round of the quiz which was fun cause Russ and I would keep changing lead or be dead equal. I won in the end (camping equipment *snigger*) but it rocked. Love the game - we wanna play with our parents cause it spans 6 eras of music. Also tried the 80s karaoke thing - I sang "Everybody Wants To Rule The World" - Tears For Fears cause I did that one back in TAFE and was curious as to how well I went. I was shocked I actually got the higher notes spot on. Seems my biggest problem is starting the notes too flat, but then I'm ok. Doesn't help when your brother is walking past making u laugh though, that screws up your score ;)

So update on what I have done:


* Almost completed next chapter of Unaffected {having thought blockage but reached just over 6 pages}
* Watched Cold Case
* 2 drabbles done - "The Last Gift" & "Expulsion"
* Wrapped & sent present to El


* More stuff for Mel
* Buy batteries
* FINISH next chapter of Unaffected (why's it so hard? *sob*)
* 89 drabbles to go
* LMS 2 update
* Wy/B journal once I have the inclination again
* Unaffected soundtrack (clip as well if I'm ultra inspired)
* Buy theme park tickets for Gold Coast holiday
* Watch CSI
* Playstation funness :$
* Actually read some more of the Nightmare On Elm Street book 8-)


* Chris clips
* Blind Justice DVDs
* Watch all those DVDs I bought/received as presents
* Listen to my new CDs
* Make my own fic writing community for song titles *snigger* (don't plan on doing that til I finish my drabbles)
17th-Nov-2005 01:28 am (UTC) - Thanks
For listening to me last night, I appreciate it!:) Oh, I'm so jealous of your game! We have Name that Tune 80's edition in the stores over here, I so want it! You'd have fun at my friend's party, the one who rents the karoke machine. I will be working on my stories tonight, might get the first chapter of my Charmed one done and posted. Depends on how caught up I get in Lost!;)
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