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Major accomplishments

So... I'm inbetween doing some work here at work. I could actually be more productive but I won't. *5 mins later* Ok so I should add "Unless I have to"

So although on a quantity scale I haven't done a lot, on a personal scale I feel I've hauled my way through some major stuff. I managed to finish my fic chapter last night for Unaffected which, although it took me practically the whole night, ended up meeting my self-imposed fortnight deadline. I had wanted to finish early but couldn't think. Surprisingly enough I was so awake and bouncy last night that my brain was going a million miles an hour. I couldn't even sleep in the train on the way home - partially due to writing, but mostly due to something else...

I discovered yesterday afternoon that one of the girls in the SA office is leaving. Be that as it may I thought it would be an excellent opportunity for me to get Melly a job. And bonus thing was - Melly has already met the boss there from my little holiday. So although I was shocked (because we weren't told while I was there) I was also very excited that I could do something like that for her. Not wanting to be over-eager about it, I decided to wait until this morning to call Pat and find out the situation. They'd already organised something - the old boss is coming in for 3 days a week as a replacement, but Pat was eager for Mel to send her resume in in case things change once they review things in the SA office after christmas. She was all happy because she knew what Mel looked like and, since I mentioned Mel has been to both the Sydney office and the SA one so she knows the ppl, Pat presumed she "knows the ropes". Well at least I think she's under the impression that I've told Mel EVERYTHING (can bitching about a bit cover that? LOL). I really wanted this opportunity for Mel too cause selfishly I would get to chat to her a lot since I'm doing Jocelyn's job through December and January, and in the meantime I'd probably be able to help Melly too. :( Tis a shame but least for Melly it's a good thing cause she still gets to see Harry Potter (which was my biggest concern last night).

Also I think I've got sinisitus or something. The way my nose has been playing up this morning it surely explains the headaches I've been having. I don't particularly want to be sick, but I'm just glad I know why now.

Anyway, I have to go to lunch now. *waves*
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