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Walk away Walk away Walk away Walk away, I will follow

Okay 20 mins to exert some more boundless energy and then bedtime :D I'm U2ing it today. I'm a U2 freak. Had the same song running through my head all day, and then it was on the radio. Just so happens to be a Wyatt song of mine as well but, weirdly, it helped me write some Bianca fic.

*rolls back time*

So to start with today I got dragged outta bed and probably what one would consider a decent hour. Mind u I did stay up until after 1am. Nevermind, I felt okay, I was semi-awake anyway so no big loss. Jenny rang me this morning cause I didn't call her back (she actually called about 15 mins b4 I would have cause I was just getting out of the shower when she rang, so I'm standing there in a towel chatting. I do actually prefer to be dressed b4 I call someone.) The movie she wanted me to go to was at midday, so yet again I got to disappoint. Thankfully from the sounds of it the "paranoids" (ie. Daniel & Hue) were not attending this little outing, so I felt even worse about saying no. If only it had been in the afternoon *sigh*

So I made my 2nd little adventure down to Spotlight and claimed 5 and a half metres of material, and 1 metre of lining - all in Emerald, plus a zip that was nicely close. And cotton that matched too. So I only really got half the stuff I should have, but it's a start. And was nice & cheap too (cause I haven't bought satin yet - that's expensive!).

Um, what else? We set about buying my mum some more clothes, buying cards for birthdays and somewhat presents. I spied a new Evanescence DVD but didn't buy it cause I was waiting on a response from Mel (sleeping apparently ;) hehe). Then my head starting feeling funny, we got something to eat, but by the time we got home I still wasn't feeling 100% so I went to lie down for a while. That one hour lie down ended up going for almost 2 hours of sleep. I got right back up quickly to make those cinnamon scones I was going to (yummy) and I managed to screw it up (see, bad cook) cause I put the milk in and forgot about the butter. So there was a salvage mission, but I have to say that thankfully all worked out okay.

I watched Charmed, was dissappointed with the eppie. Ripped off so many movies. I then went on to declare that the four musketeers get the rights to the spin-off (ie. me & my fantastically creative writer buddies). I felt very creative today... although I did leave the Bianca fic to late, it worked writing to U2. Strange. But anyway it just kinda skipped onto 5 pages and I couldn't think of anymore, so I just uploaded it there. Get to jump a few more years now (yay!) but I haven't finished all my research *blush* so I don't know how I'm going about this - if it's going to be awhile, or I'm just going to fake it all. And then there's that whole situation of getting to scenes I'm gonna be nervous about writing, so I'd have to be having a good day to do it. Ah well, lots in store, another step closer to the darling Halliwell boys, and we'll see how things go. :D

And my time has expired. So I'm going to throw this up. No quizzes cause a) I didn't do any & b) meanies sabotaged my last update so none of the piccies came up :( I tried for 5 mins to fix it, but it was giving me a headache, and hey I'll admit it's not like I'm in smart mode today, just creative. :D Another day. Let's pray things work out ok ;)

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