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I'm not real anymore, I am an illusion - Rob Thomas concert review

So I've just got back and sticking with the theme of overly updating the journal today (well, technically yesterday) I've decided to do this tiny little thing that won't be as massive as BSB cause my eyes are glazed and I'm not particularly mental atm *snicker*

To explain: I was not at all reluctant in going to see this man. I've seen him twice before with Matchbox 20 and never once has he let me down. He's an excellent showman, and he again proved that tonight. Rob Thomas is the ONLY person to ever make me cry in a concert, a time where I'm usually at the happiest, and seems to be the one person willing to cater to my 80s music obsession.

Opening with Something To Be, Rob instantly reminded me of why I love to watch him in concert. He has a certain presence as soon as he walks out on stage, one that makes you instantly bond with him and enjoy what he's singing as much as he is. Lively, animated, and downright funny, this man is certainly one to treasure. Every word that leaves his mouth you believe. You can feel the adoration and friendship stretch between him and the crowd, and he makes you more than comfortable to be there "celebrating life" as he put it.

It was when he launched into a rocked up rendition of "If You're Gone" that the crowd first went wild. It was strange to me that out of the many MANY old songs he played (nicely broken up between new songs, and he even threw one pre-Matchbox 20 song in he wrote *cough* 15 years ago *cough* which Russ & I knew was "Dear Joan" from Tabitha's Secret), that this be the one I instantly recognised. Partly because I love the clip, partly because I love the song, partly because I wrongly made it a song to listen to repeatedly when things went sour between me and one of my exes... and following that endeavour went to see the band in concert with him and a few friends and ended up balling my eyes out during it. So evil is this man though, you feel what he's singing, know he means it, and "3am" and "When The Heartache Ends" also had me biting my lip this time around trying to keep from spilling tears. Mind you he also gave a berating about being unhappy cause that's meant to be cool, and to look at the happy moments and realise they're happening and go "fuck, this is a happy moment!" (Jen & Russ also served to tease me at this point cause I was telling him to shutup and stop talking to me, even though I do do that) but he does believe the bad moments remind you of the happy ones. I can't say it works that way in my case.

There was a few covers and mini-covers thrown in (the latter between finishing a song - "You Can Call Me Al" & "Maria Maria" during his encore presentation of "Smooth" to complete the Santana-fest) He opened the encore with "Wonderwall" but it was his rendition of David Bowie's 80s hit "Let's Dance" that had me jumping around like nothing else. Yes I'm an 80s music freak. I practically screamed last concert when he did Simple Minds "Don't You Forget About Me" from the Breakfast Club... and have been obsessed with that song ever since. I proclaimed during the Bowie number that I loved Rob because Rob loved 80s music and loved covering it for us (or catering to me if I can be so selfish).

He loves Sydney. He didn't have to tell us like the many many times he did, he shows us by coming back so frequently. It makes us love him all the more, that someone actually thinks about us guys down here and doesn't go "screw that, it's too far away" like most other artists. I've ranted many times before that they all seem so scared to cross the equator like they're going to blow up or something, but people who come here can tell you how beautiful and wonderful our country is and that THEY managed to survive.

So really there was many terrific points to the concert, and Rob Thomas is such a showman with or without the rest of the Matchbox 20 band - he never fails to impress. He catered to my request of "Push", and we even had an onstage proposal at the onset of the encore. Mind you the "this is my girlfriend, I want you to be my wife" shortness of it all left me feeling slightly sorry for the girl. You know what I think? Screw the trying to make it special using outward circumstances. Yeah, sure it's nice and will make things very memorable, but am I a complete hopeless romantic if I say I want a decent proposal if someone was going to ask me that? I want them to TELL ME what I mean to them. I want them to GIVE me a reason to marry them. And seriously give it a while before you ask. My brother's friend asked a girl he'd been seeing for less than 3 weeks to marry him, and she said yes. How can you base a whole relationship on 3 weeks? How can you expect that to last, to know that they're the one that's meant for you? Okay so maybe I sound like I have commitment problems or am overly demanding... truth is I'm not. But it's so annoying... I just keep expecting everything to be right, to know, to let destiny and fate have their way. I base way too much on hope.

And my review's turned into a rant. Damn. Ok well there wasn't actually much else to say about the concert. Support band The Hamptons were pretty good, I bought their CD which 2 of them signed during the in-between break. Meh that's all.
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