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All clovers and goodness :)

Okay I'm getting badly overdue for an update, so I'm gonna try and cover two days in one super quick update. :D

First linkie! After two nights of erm... stress? LOL. I got up that Charmed ssn 6 quiz. Both times I did it serious & non-serious I got Bianca. Was it meant to be? haha. And Ellen got Chris which was neat. So, here we go, my result:

You are Bianca!
You're Bianca!

You feel trapped. Youre living a life you arent
altogether happy with. You live in hope that
one day things will get better. You are part of
a dark existence which leads you to think the
worst in people. You have strong willpower and
persistence is one of the best key factors in
your personality. Despite your cold and
sometimes hostile demeanour there is actually a
softer side to you, but only someone you truly
trust can get through to that.

Which Charmed Character Are You (Season 6 based)??
brought to you by Quizilla

Thanks to Melly boo for the piccies she so wonderfully designed for me. :D

Now, news. Well yesterday we had our Oscar comp at work, and I came last! Yes, people were shocked, but um... can I help it I never leave the computer anymore? LOL. Anyway I thought it was hilarious cause I usually do pretty well with these comps, so I asked for the Rasberry Award for coming last (note: The Rasberry Awards are actually held at the same time, and are basically joke awards for worst movie, worst actor, etc.). (News just in, Mel got Wyatt on the quiz LMAO. Now everyone suspects this is RPG based!)

Okay and news for today, my dad FINALLY got another job after walking out on his last one (as he has a habit of doing). The funny thing about that is he's now working at the same place my last boyfriend worked. Mind u, we worked that out today and that was 4 years ago. I really do have a bad love life. :S

Now I'm lost for words. This is gonna be weirdly short. :S Okay, um, Bianca fic news - I made a start on a new chapter today, but since I haven't done my research I've been very naughty and am quickly heading nowhere. So, um, it will be a while off. But I was just pleased I actually got to start it, cause I didn't know how to do it and it just came out. Then one of the guys at work who spied me writing outside asked if I was writing my memoirs and I laughed and went "um, yeah" in my head thinking "no, actually someone elses". I didn't want to tell him cause he was saying he'd like to read them so, u know, kinda embarrassed about it all. At least I can hide if I'm behind a computer, not face someone in public over my written stuff. My family doesn't even read what I write.

I think I'm having a severly short attention span. Or it could be that everyone's on msn right now and I'm ignoring them. hehe. Okay going *waves*

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