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Welcome to the deep, dark & crazy world that is my imagination
The Future Is Now 
25th-Feb-2006 11:57 am
Grave Lying
Okay, I know of late I do tend to rattle on about my dreams. Okay well featuring my favourite peeps anyway... but the one I had last night involved me and not them. I actually believe it's true. So er for those all opposed to psychic dreaming or who think I'm several kinds of crazy, please do skip over this post. Otherwise you can read further.

Alright so firstly I need to explain something which is, logically, why my brain compiled this little scenario. Because I'm the kinda person that no matter how disastrous things get there's always that small remnant of hope buried deep within me. Call it pretending or whatever, but I'd like to believe this is true.

Nevertheless I have to say that yesterday I watched Medium (featuring a woman who tried to kill herself and "supposedly" her child after receiving psychic flashes that her husband was going to hurt their daughter. She ended up in a psychiatric institution reiterating the life of Alison Dubois who was 46 years in the future. I also keep saying about this show I'm gonna kidnap Alison's daughter Bridgette cause she's so funny and adorable), Charmed (featuring the adorable Simmons twins who play little Wyatt, and where I was also commenting about how I could imagine Phoebe in mother mode with the way she was acting with Billie), and at the same time Star Wars was screening on tv. It was that fact and because little Wyatt was refered to as "Master Wyatt" that reminded me of the movie. I may have just compiled all this into a dream, but I'm hoping not.

So, getting to it, I saw my son in my dream. Yes I know it was my son not only from "knowing" it but from various little short scenes of pregnancy and birth that flashed through it. But the major thing was having my son up in my arms and he was gorgeous, a little blonde cutie (for those paying attention, no he didn't look anything like little Wyatt LOL), and he was OBSESSED with Star Wars, rattling on to me about all the ships and things (I can't even for the life of me remember them LOL) and he was only quite young so he was incredibly intelligent to even be able to do that, and he was telling me how he was playing some Jedi wars (was some kind of battle game) out in the backyard (I knew prior to this scene he was out there with "Uncle Robert" and "Aunty Tanya" who are actually old family friends I haven't seen in years cause they live over the other side of the country). There was a little bit of conversation but I don't remember much of it, and he put his little hands on my face and told me I was beautiful (sweet kid hehe) and I asked him for a cuddle and he had this look on his face like all little kids do when they don't understand what you're saying or why you're saying it, and then I hugged him and put him down and he went climbing over these rocks which I ended up sitting on and I told him not to and to be careful because I suddenly realised there was water running down them in parts, but he slipped and well, as dreams do, things just went weird again and he was no longer there, just objects bones whatever.

So my point to all this, that little boy brought me such great joy, I could feel it, and I absolutely adored him. Yes I was blonde again so... I do think I'm staying this way. But he was so loving, sweet, intelligent, obsessed with Star Wars (THAT I never even imagined - I would love that, was so cute), playful, just absolutely gorgeous. Bearing in mind the weirdness that followed I'm gonna hope that no tragedy is meant to befall him, but I really hope that that was one of those dreams that I tend to have that do come true, so when the moment happens I'll have some weird de ja vu thing happening.

25th-Feb-2006 04:16 am (UTC)
That is so cool! I love dreams like that, they're so real! I really hope and believe that it will happen for you someday!:) Kids can be so cute and adorable and I think you'd make a great mum.
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