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I need a lot of you, all of you

What have I done? Leaving myself ten minutes to update and get to bed *shakes head* I need to realign myself here. So, discussion of tonight, when was Wyatt born. And Chris' birthday. I like to argue the point that astrologically Chris is a Taurus (and definately a May baby, like Drew, because I'm certain the ep aired in May, and also he's stubborn enough to be one), Wyatt is a Leo (August, 3 months later as his birthday works out to be from Chris', he has that fiery kind of temperament and the leadership skills to be one, plus the little quirks Leo's tend to have ;) ), and Bianca a Scorpio (well, apart from the fact that Marisol is one, I think it kinda does shine through in her character. Surely she's a November child! :) ). Now, in light of Charmed talk, I'd like to say that what I wrote yesterday worked out to be about a quarter page typed. I haven't done any today, mostly because I was completely caged, trapped, banished from the outside world. At work we were entirely short staffed AGAIN with lots of work and, well, I didn't do any of my supervisors work like I was supposed to be doing. I was stuck on reception all day, dealing with complete nitwits from both inside and outside the office who thought everything was wayyy too hard for them to do, but of course I would be able to do it efficiently and with absolute psychic power because I really CAN read their minds and know what they want. *rolls eyes* GEt over yourselves people. Why are so many people unreliable and unhelpful these days? By all means I'm not a rude or mean person, but I got to the point today where if they bit me I bit back. I didn't take things lying down.

As for tonight, well no I haven't been overly chatting. I've spent most of it watching Medium, at the same time researching for the Bianca fic (in assasiny stuff). I think, really from what I read tonight, I've already read the important things and I didn't need to freak or get so worried about the fact I didn't know enough to continue. I'm absolutely sure I can now, I know, there are things from personal experience that really do incorporate into this part. Reading through what I did tonight, I understand that I knew all along. So hopefully I can write tomorrow. I will be home late, I know that, but my wonderful boss is letting me leave 15mins early to go settle my Gold Coast holiday at Easter, and go order my Charmed DVD :D After today she probably thought I deserved it *snigger* I also have to get a pressie for my friend whose birthday is on Saturday 5th (yes I'm sure I've got the date right now, hehe) March. Um.. yes also Jen & I are taking her out to dinner on Friday night. Not going into the whole connundrum of that from yesterday cause, well, I'm outta time. But, um, I did some of those bloggie things from Zarina's post while I was at work trying to entertain myself while I couldn't write *sob* Make of the results what u will. Goodnight. *hugz*

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