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Ficlet - Master Of The Universe

Title: Master of the Universe
Fandom: Charmed
Characters: Chris, Wyatt & Piper Halliwell + Paige Matthews
Word Count: 470
Rating: G
Author's Notes: This is set when Chris & Wyatt are younger (Estimate Wyatt's about 11 here). Written cause I just had to use the phrase from my Latin calendar (which does mean the same as the title). Only a short piece that's not being posted elsewhere cause there's no point to it and it's too short LOL. I don’t own the show nor the characters. This is an original work purely for entertainment purposes and carries no spoilers whatsoever.
Summary: A little attic scene where yet again Wyatt is being disobediant.


“Magister Universi sum! I am the master of the Universe! Bow down before me,” Wyatt commanded, holding the ruler out towards Chris.

His younger brother knelt in a knight-like manner before the couch, Wyatt standing triumphantly on the back end facing the wide spectrum of the attic.

“You’ll be master of something in a minute if you don’t get down from there,” Paige reprimanded. “You should be doing your homework.”

“I’m practising Latin,” Wyatt said obstinately.

Paige folded her arms. “Well it looks more to me like you’re trying to cast a spell on your brother with a ruler.”

“He doesn’t mind, do you Chris?” Wyatt asked. Standing again, Chris quickly shook his head.

“Next time he goes missing, you can try explaining where he is to your parents then.” With only a shrug from Wyatt in response, Paige watched as Chris returned to cutting and pasting pictures onto his latest school project. Looking back to Wyatt she saw he was walking along the back of the couch, his feet carefully placed along the padding and the objects between him and the window behind him. “Are you going to get down?”

“Wyatt Halliwell, what are you doing? Get down from there!” Piper scolded as she entered the attic. Wyatt flopped onto the cushions on the couch, Piper immediately taking up his shoes in her hands and dusting the toes. “Look at these shoes, they’re filthy! Where have you been?”

“Nowhere,” Wyatt answered shadily.

“If you’ve been trekking through the Underworld again I’m grounding you for a week. You wait until your father gets home.”

“He’s not coming home, mom,” Wyatt said sadly.

“Don’t say that,” Piper chastised.

“He’s right, Piper,” Paige agreed. Piper looked back at her sister vehemently. Paige shrugged. “The Elders needed him for a council meeting. You know how slowly time passes up there; he’ll be there all night. Maybe even days.”

“Paige, don’t be ridiculous. I’ll call him if I need him.” Looking back to Wyatt, she widened her eyes authoritatively. “You behave yourself. Go do your homework.”

Tapping his leg lightly, she pushed herself up as he escaped from the couch, heading over to her younger son and looking down on his work.

“Everything okay, peanut?” she asked.

Chris looked up, beaming. “Yup.”

Smiling warmly back at him, she turned back towards the door, stopping by Paige before she exited. Her gaze crossed to Wyatt, ensuring he was actually writing at the desk like he was meant to be and not drawing magical symbols to look like he was doing something.

“Keep an eye on him, will you? Make sure he doesn’t orb out, but if he does - go after him,” she said.

Paige lifted her hands in a dramatic gesture, lifting her brows with fake excitement. “That’s what I’m here for, isn’t it?”

Tags: chris, chris halliwell, fic, ficlet, master of the universe, paige, paige matthews, piper, piper halliwell, wyatt, wyatt halliwell

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