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The trouble with love is...

I think I managed to miss a few days *blush* Whether through lack of time or tiredness, mostly a combination of both. *thinks hard* Ok so Thursday I worked (duh), then had to go into the city to buy some birthday pressies and order my Charmed DVD. Mind u I only managed to get one pressie. :S Oh well. It was the important one because it was my friend's birthday, well, today (damn, forgot to send a msg *oops*) but we all went out for dinner last night. Well, Jenny, Hue and her buddy Mark that she invited along. It only just occurred to me when we were coming home he was the Mark she was insisting come to the Murder Mysteries. So Mark is this English guy who *shock* lives in my suburb. Naturally when asked I come up with all randomised explainy things for where I live, but it was hilarious that he had to point out to me that he knew where everything was cause he lived here! But I have to say the guy was sooo funny, and it was really neat to be able to chat to someone I had something in common with, who was actually sociable and not the scary "tell me everything about yourself! Right now! This minute!" type. There was absolutely no pressure on me to have to make him try to understand me, or to make myself speak (only a teeny weeny bit of that, thank god, and he wasn't picking on me for not speaking like most ppl do). It was a fun night. He drove Jen & I home which was interesting. We seemed to split the conversation so, it was good. He decided to drop me off last, so I freaked internally for about 3 minutes trying to figure out how I was going to make it not dead silence, but surprisingly I chatted fairly the rest of the way to my place so I was happy with myself. The fact that my mother called me when we were almost home in his car though (and Mark making a nice little crack about not being acquitted for murdering those girls which I returned about him fleeing his home country because of it) led to the interesting little 10 question session at home. I had no problem answering, but I was glad to at least have the answer to every question I was asked by the parents so that was good. :D

Now, today, I wrote some long overdue fic for Elly, then we had to travel down to Narellan for rehersals for my cousin's wedding next Saturday. Surely I will be MIA for the whole day then. But it was really nice, I think Stevie's going to cry! And just to see them so happy together, and looking so lovingly at each other, I almost cried. I suppose I shall next week instead ;) But I got dubbed music maestro for the day and so had to play Evanescence's "You" a thousand times over while they walked down the aisle. I have to say Amy's voice sounds great in a church, she has those beautiful tones that I crave to have. I got all lovey dovey after watching them and put the Wyatt/Bianca soundtrack on as soon as I got home. Somehow I ended up on Kelly Clarkson though. hehe. Weirdly that's helped me write Bianca fic tonight, and only that seems to be working. So I'm a quarter of a way down my fourth page now, which means only 2 more pages for me to finish another update! *happy dance* I know I'm going to have to throw myself into some pretty emotional stuff though. I was in the mood to do it the other day, but these late nights don't really have me over-the-moon inspired to write something of that depth, so I'm just trying to do the lead up as best I can. I think I'll be going to bed soon anyway, got some shopping to do tomorrow, and I get to pick up my Ryan Cabrera CD!!!! :D So happy. That call was hilarious. My dad hands me the phone and there's a guy I don't recognise on the other end (first thought was it was Mark cause this guy was acting like he knew me), and he says "Hi, Julie! This is Ryan (slight pause) from HMV. I have a CD for you." Now I had to stop myself from cracking up laughing because it was very much like he said "Hi, this is Ryan (Cabrera), I have my CD for you" So I am a happy little bunny cause it came in long before they told me it would (the evils told me 3 months, and then the girl laughed at me a fortnight ago when I went in to check after only one month) and I get it tomorrow. :D

Alright I might try and force a little more out of me in this Bianca fic. And then bed, definately bed. *hugz*

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