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In Justice loving and OTP pic spam

I just finished watching this weeks In Justice and OMG Mari was so good in it!!! She was all threatened and shaky and now she's sporting a gun because she's so scared (and I totally expect her to shoot someone). So funny thing is while the whole being threatened and frisked by cops scene was going down, I'm here giving commentary about not doing that because she'll kick their asses and finding it damn hilarious that the very thing I put in B's entry not more than like 2 entries ago about being pulled over and stalked by cops now made it onto her new show. So, in effect, I was kinda getting to watch what I wrote which was absolutely brilliant *cheers* And she's still so crushing on Conti. Damn ex-wife getting in the way LOL.

Alright so I'm gonna start up a PIC SPAM CHALLENGE for anyone interested. I came up with the idea as soon as my head hit the pillow last night which annoyed the hell outta me cause I was then awake trying to run things over in my head for hours instead of sleeping *sigh* Nevertheless, this is it:


Think of all the fandoms that you love. They can be movies, tv shows, books if you can suceed in that, etc. Whatever you like. Of those fandoms think of your favourite couples and pairings. See if you can come up with your top 5 REAL pairings (the ones that you wished would stay together forever and ever and ever) and your top 5 WISHED FOR pairings (the ones that, no matter how much you protest, the scriptwriters/authors keep denying you) and then post them in your journal with all the reasons you love them. Once you really think about it you might end up thinking of more than 5 so that's always fun to whittle down. Have fun!


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5. Spike & Drusilla - Buffy: The Vampire Slayer

Okay so I loved these guys from the moment they rocked into Sunnydale. They are still my favourite pair of bad guys. Spike, with his punk rock image, quick-witted jokes and blaise attitude but totally soft and poetic at the core; and Dru with her innate madness and subtle metaphorical meanings. The reason I loved these guys so much together was that you could see how much Spike cared about Dru, he looked after her, he built his whole world around her, and they were always quite attentive to one another. I never really did understand why they broke up... that was one of the moments I kinda turned around and went "Huh? But they're so good together!" They reaked hell on Sunnydale and I loved them for it.

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4. Samantha Spade & Martin Fitzgerald - Without a Trace

These two were one of those kinds of couples where you see the show for the first time and think "they should stick those two together". Well I had to wait like 3 seasons for it, but FINALLY my little wish came true and Sam finally gave in to Martin. He'd had a huge crush on her for so long. And as from this pic you can see they were so cute together. Sadly it didn't last long, although you can still see they care deeply about one another. When he got shot she was freaking out and running to his bedside (and erm I had to be duly reminded they did break up LOL). They couldn't make their relationship perfect because she didn't want everybody to know about it and Martin was just dying to tell everyone he'd won over the girl of his dreams. They just fit so perfectly together and I don't want to have to beg and grovel the PTBs that they fix it :(

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3. Satine & Christian - Moulin Rouge

This is one of my all-time favourite movies. It's also what made Ewan McGregor one of my favourite actors. Yes I'm big on my music, and the dream-like theatrics in this had me praising Baz Lurhman even more than I already did for his previous works. Satine & Christian were like the ultimate tragic romance - the couple that wanted each other but couldn't have each other except in secret. I loved the character of Christian, the aspiring writer whose head was in the clouds, who wanted dreams and fantasies to become reality, who loved so deeply that he eventually lost. It's a beautiful story and one of my favourite pairings.

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2. Piper Halliwell & Leo Wyatt - Charmed

*SQUEE!* OK well they didn't make #1 by a very slim amount of thought. There's no reason why they shouldn't be, really. I LOVE this family. These two kept me watching the show year-in-year-out and now they have 2 adorable boys I love just as much, if not more, and I can't tear myself away. I only watch for their little moments now really. As Drake said - their love is epic. It knows no bounds. They have been through hell and back and still survived it all. They're heartbroken and torn apart not to be together, but when they are it's beautiful. Everybody wants the kind of love they have.

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1. Wesley Wyndham-Price & Winifred Burkle - Angel

My number one couple. And I had to wait until the damn show got cancelled for anything to happen LOL They were both so super intelligent and completely made for each other, but Fred was looking any which way but at Wesley (causing me to royally kick her ass when she decided that Gunn was the one for her), leaving poor Wesley pining for her affection and then turning to the dark side and trying to replace her with the ebil bitch known as Lilah Morgan. So it was with many long drawn out seasons they finally came to be together, but sadly it was not for long because they killed Fred off, denying Wesley any happiness ONCE AGAIN!! *screams* But they had her body taken over by some blue-smurf age-old goddess named Illyria who granted his dying wish in pretending to be Fred for him in his final moments. I only hope they're together in spirit. ♥


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5. Sonya Quintano & Charles Conti - In Justice

Well this is my view - the number of times they try to stick Marisol's characters with guys who are complete jerks have me jumping up and down in protest threatening to kick someone's ass. I'm so overly protective of her, I don't want her to be with anyone I don't approve of, but I do approve of Conti. There's just something about him that peaks my interest. And now the writers seemed deemed to follow through with that. Sonya has a major crush on "Charlie" but he doesn't see her in quite the same light. Yet every time he picks her to join him on assignment she gets all school-girl happy about it. And he went to her defence in the last episode. Now it just seems that he's a tad hung-up on his ex-wife and she's the one who's going to stand in the way of them (hmm should I warn her men with baggage will only lead to trouble?)

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4. Catherine Willows & Gil Grissom - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Ever since this show started I've wanted those two to get together. They had such good repartee between them. But unfortunately the writers didn't agree with me, sticking them with pretty much every other person on the team than each other. And with the breakup of the team, their closeness seems to have fallen away. Tis sad really. It's definately not going to happen.

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3. Claire Littleton & Charlie Pace - Lost

Spawners of the PB&J shippers, they just need to stick these two together. They've already made their own little family, although Claire said "I don't remember marrying him". They're exceptionally cute, and I love the way Charlie is devoted to helping her and looking after baby Aaron. I can see this one actually happening at some point, it's just whether the writers are nice enough to give it to us now or drag it out for another few seasons.

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2. Cordelia Chase & Allen Doyle - Angel

I so wanted to see these two get together :( Doyle was all pinning for her attention. They were a pair who could have taught each other something. Doyle could have given her a hard dose of reality, she could have given him a little hope that he could do right in this world. And again we killed him off at the pivotal moment. *sigh* So all they shared was a kiss which transferred his visions onto her.

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1. Wyatt Halliwell & Bianca - Charmed

♥♥♥♥ My ultimate couple ♥♥♥♥ I've written so many fics about these guys. They're both tortured souls who were working together and there's so much amount of suspicion that there was/should have been/could have been so much more between them. They're both fighting their darker sides trying to make a difference in the world. They care about and loathe each other at the same time. I wish above all else that this would be the one to come true, but with the show ending and Wes and Mari off doing other things it's just not going to happen.

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