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What The Future Beholds advertisement/promotion

*spams f-list*

I know there's a few pretty good writers lurking on my list (even if they're not interested in half of my ramble or what I'm about to propose LOL) and I just wanted to see if there's anyone interested in playing a Charmed RPG. There's one starting over at the forum on Drew Fuller's dutch website . They're good people on that website, I've played with them before, and we're just looking for some fresh blood faces to liven things up a bit. It's also the first time we've played that style of RPG so if there's others new to that kind of thing I won't feel so alone. *nervous laugh*

Anyway, if you wanna bypass the forum and have a looksie click the piccie below, otherwise that link ^^ up there will take u to the forum itself. Please come by and have a squizz, I hope to be playing with some of you soon. Also please tell anyone else you know that might be interested. Thanks.

Oh and don't worry about time zones - there's people in Australia, Canada, The Netherlands, Germany & the USA who frequent that board and often play the RPGs so you won't be out of time with anything - and someone will always be around to help out or throw around ideas *nods*
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