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Bianca day today :D

I feel like Marisol has been on TV, today is so a Bianca day. I also feel like I'm updating this twice in a day. :S Very strange.

So I was up until almost 2am... not particularly working on my fic, but more waiting on 2 ginormous files of Ellen's gorgeous new red hair. I love it. It's like one of those vivid red colours you see on all those commercials, or... I dunno could I shoot for the stars and say The Fifth Element? It's outrageously cool! Feel so plain next to someone so wild and wacky like her ;) And, then, um I gave Leo a task to make me a Bianca vid to Hoobastank's "The Reason". That was my first ever Bianca song, and I love that part of the lyric is actually a line she said to Chris in Chris-Crossed. So in effect he was doing something for me that I had planned on my very VERY long list of future thingies to do. I only received it like about 10 mins ago (had to wait for him to get up and send it to me cause he wasn't finished when I went to bed) and honestly I cried. It was so good. I'm probably being completly biased, and the fact I've been writing Bianca all afternoon/evening I guess didn't help, but the death scene was so sad I had tears in my eyes. Kept willing myself not to cry but, hey, she's close to me now ;) Couldn't help it.

So after I got up this morning and chatted to Ellen for a little, we ventured down into town and I picked up my Ryan Cabrera CD (and we think we worked out who "Ryan" that called me was - boy I have to say he's CUTE!). Did a little rushed shopping. Oh, I picked up the Evanescence & Misery DVDs too. :D Erm... so we came home in the car and I listened to Ryan. Jumped on the net, Mel was on, and I listened to the rest of Ryan. hehe. He rocks. Um, yeah, so I figured I couldn't Bianca fic to Ryan (although Kelly Clarkson was working yesterday, I know it's odd), so I found something that worked - Puddle Of Mud. Stuck with them until the crucial scene where I flipped over to Hoobastank. It all worked out nicely. :D And I wrote a 6.5 page update! *shock* So I guess making up for the last ;) So I posted it and, um, yeah that's all I've done today. Plus I watched Charmed which was slightly better than last week. The Angel of Death reminded me of Simon from Just Shoot Me. Dunno if it was the same guy but it was hard to take him seriously when I kept picturing the dim-witted rock star. It was hilarious. And, um, well I can't say the sobby scenes made me sobby, but I still absolutley love and adore Piper. And FINALLY Leo decided to go look after the kiddies. Who says he's a bad father? He's always the one looking after them while the others run around doing witchy things. I mean, um, HELLO there is a certain aunt who took a sabbatical to do that, and so far has not. Everyone but her has looked after the kiddies. *sigh* So, yeah, anyway... it's weird I'm so over-protective of the kiddies. It's like, I dunno, a certain flaw or something that's developed from losing Chris. Very weird. Did I mention Wes is coming back? LOL. Mel blessed me with that nice obsessive news on Friday. I was thinking it over and over trying to work stuff out. Is it possible for me to be more Wes obsessed than Mel?? Nah. hehe. Well I think that, um, Marisol obsession might be slightly higher up the ranks. But it's ok, alls ok, I haven't needed to venture to the white room today. I'm in such a happily high mood it's so hard to bring me down. It took me at least 10 attempts to try to do it for my Bianca fic, and even then I only just TOUCHED the darkness. Couldn't get into it. I think I've rambled enough. Posting time. :D

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