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Welcome to the deep, dark & crazy world that is my imagination
"The Boob Tube, The Silver Screen, & You" questions 
1st-Apr-2006 10:27 am
Grave Lying
"The Boob Tube, The Silver Screen, & You" questions from thefridayfive

1) When you were little what was your favorite TV show?
Probably Young Talent Time. Hey, it featured young kids singing the latest music hits - of course I was addicted!

2) What was your favorite movie?
Um I think it was actually Labyrinth

3) What is your favorite TV show currently?
I like to give all my shows equal love. But atm I'm still listing Charmed until it dies (ie. in about two months). The runnerup to take it's place is Supernatural

4) What is the best movie you have seen so far this year?
Oh dammit don't ask me that after my frequency in the past fortnight!!! And I'm supposed to be seeing one today :( Um um... okay I'll go with Aeon Flux cause that really impressed me.

5) If someone was going to make a movie or TV show about your life, who would play you and why?
Charlize Theron!! LOL ok she's a little old to play me... but she's had both blonde & dark hair like me. Well same goes for Sarah Michelle Gellar... You know I would LOVE to have Marisol Nichols play me but we don't look very much alike. It'd probably have to be someone relatively unknown who can play someone kind and friendly but at the same time snap into someone with dark thoughts and a swiping temper (yeah, I know Marisol can do that... shame about the heritage).
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