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Keep getting distracted by my AV *blush*

I love it, I do. It's just a little bit of everything. Maybe even a little bit of me - what I am, what I crave. It's beautiful. So enough about my distraction that took me 3 hours to make tonight (hey, Mel had to teach me, I didn't know how! hehe)

Um, today not a big highlight. Taught Kelly switch. Wrote 8 lines of Bianca fic (I don't think that even made a quarter of a page - so in two days I'm still under a page *sigh*) Only one more day of work which I'm pleased about, but I know it will probably be busy due to extra books and less staff.

I... I'm blanking on what to say, but um there are surprises for Mel & Zarina in the mail (well, not really Mel cause she already knows what it is). I took some quizzes (so it looks like I did do something important LOL). Decided to search for assasin stuff, and came up with these 3 quizzes which may or may not have anything to do with it :S Anyway, results:

(no pic for this one)
You are Lord Frosta Lodin(S Rank)...You look cold
on the outside of your mission but you are the
best friends of all your comrades....Your a
girl but you hate to wear fancy cloths maybe
due to the bloodline your parents has given you
as they were great generals of the past
Frosta Lodin aka.Princess of Darkness,Mastery of

Test of your skill to be an assasin
brought to you by Quizilla

Ah, good to see I'm skilled *grin* Um, yeah that's true I'm a casual girl. U hardly see me dressed up. Princess of Darkness *snigger* Maybe I should get a shirt that says that?

You's a vampire, bi-yatch!
Which Typical Anti-Hero Are You?

brought to you by Quizilla

I'm not going to pass any of that off as true. Mind u the answers to the quiz are hilariously funny, I recommend u take it, and the fact that I got Vampire, well that's just typical *rolls eyes* I tried to avoid that result but there u go. I'm a Vampire.

You are the Death
The Death

What Major Arcana Tarot Card are you? (with anime pics)
brought to you by Quizilla

Um, yep I'd say that's true. Gee you'd only have to read back as far as yesterday to know that. And I'm death again! LOL. But, OMG, do I love this because I got a little Phoenix reference at the end *hugz* Quizzes are so good to me.

Oh, one last thing, special thanks to Julie for what she wrote for me today *hugz* that was beautiful - thank u for that. Please pray for all of us. And thanks to El for my Cold CAse pics and wallpaper. And thanks to Mel for putting up with me all afternoon/evening, and Zarina for sending me those new Evanescence tracks. For someone who actually cried for the most part last night, it's good to feel appreciated today.

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