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*twiddles thumbs*

So I'm officially on holidays... and already bored. :( I can say that I handled today okay, for the most part. It wasn't as busy as I thought it would be, it was quite nice. I had a mini-brainwave for my Bianca fic at lunch, so crossed out the one line I wrote of it earlier today when an evil courier man tried to run over my feet. Um, so when I typed it up it ended up being about a third of a page. I suppose that's alright.

I had a moment when I went to the bank today. Another morbid moment. I had this weird feeling take over me - just like I was never going to see any of them again. I tried to concentrate on it, find out where exactly it was coming from and if it involved anyone else, but as far as I could tell it was just the people I knew there. It was a weird sensation. And then I got back in the car and Lifehouse's new song came onto the radio - I know what it's called now "You and Me" and it's sweet, but I listened to the lyrics and started crying. Not sure why but, um, well "Everything" used to make me cry too - for the lack of something I don't have. It doesn't quite have the same effect now because I turned it into what that song is meant to be, but *sigh* I just don't understand what it is with me lately that it will only take a certain song to move me to tears, and it won't be every time I hear it, but just when I really listen and absorb it all. And that weird morbid sensation stayed with me until I got back to work (miracle I got back in one piece cause my mind was still somewhere else) and for part of the time I was there, and I still couldn't pinpoint on what it was. I did start getting a little worried about those that think they can't cope without me... I was stressing a little more than they were which was strange and oddly funny.

I can't even think anymore. There really is nothing to do tonight, not when I can't write at night anymore (the brain won't function for it). So here are some quizzly results (most of these are quizzes from the guy I said had hilariously funny answers):

Time to Go
How Will Your World End?

brought to you by Quizilla

*cry* I'm not a sci-fi freak! No! So that means this world is like The Matrix? Or Cube? Then... then... how does my dreamscape work? If I spend so much time in my head, then what does reality benefit from that - wouldn't it be a world inside a world? And then why can't I pick or choose at my own digression, I don't want to be a slave to someone else's grand design (that's quite horrible at that) - if I could make my head a reality well, yeah, ok it would probably be nastier or more dramatic, but it would be more fantastical as well. :D Um... did I manage to give anyone a headache yet?

It's such a nice night... you know the rest.
You live in a surreal, self-contained environment
of pure, Grade-A madness. From flying angel
bunnies to hideously repainted doughboys,
you've seen and done a lot of messed-up stuff.
The guilt and self loathing over what you've
done in the past is only equaled by your
disgust and rage against the world. Despite
all this you can be intensely philosophical,
and were probably at one time a decent artist.

What Lovable Fictional Sociopath Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Um... I don't know who Johnny C is *blush* But I can be very much like that. Well if pushed to the extreme where I had no balance and really did lose my mind, then yeah. ;)

(Humor) The REAL Vampire Date (Not what you think it is. Has pictures)

brought to you by Quizilla

LOL *remembers back to a certain Bianca/Wyatt fight in BHO* um... u know I think I've only ever said that once, and really yeah someone has to piss me off to the very extremes before I start screaming and being offensive.

ex v
You're a Vampire. Vampires were the creatures of
the night that were believed to live off of
human blood. Count Dracula, being the most
famous vampire, set the stereotype. They had
dark hair and pale skin from being away from
the sunlight. If they actually existed, it's
very possible they had the skin disease that
made you allergic to the sun so whenever the
sunlight would hit it, it would hurt like
crazy. They were usually snobbish and control
freaks and kept werewolves as pets. (If you
cannot see the picture, go to my userpage and
look near the bottom. There should be the
picture and description for all the results)

What Mystical Creature Are You? (Pictures)
brought to you by Quizilla

Um... Vampire again *shrug* Definate pattern developing here ;)

You are a Triquetra...

What mystical symbol are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

I'm the Charmed symbol! *snigger* Wonder if that was rigged :S Speaking of Charmed...

Healing - The Power to heal physical wounds
Healing - The Power to heal physical wounds

Which Charmed Power Do You Have?
brought to you by Quizilla

Ah! I'm a healer! So that's where Jay came from ;) Yeah, this doesn't surprise me.

It that okay? Yes it is
Oi! What Kind of Loner Are You?

brought to you by Quizilla

Ok this one I like. This one has some actual depth. This one I could claim as true, and I'm big on the avoidance of ppl or social situations, mostly because I think I'm inept of carrying an actual conversation. I know that's my problem. Heck I'm hardly even chatting to that group of people I was meant to find according to this (and I'm glad to say I did find them *hugglies*). And I can't help but think that pic looks live Avril Lavigne :S

So I've exhausted my time here. Ah well. Perhaps there shall be some enlightenment tomorrow. *hugz*

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