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31 Days Ficlet - "The Unforgettable Fire"

Title: The Unforgettable Fire
Day/Theme: April 19 Strangers in the dark
Series: Charmed
Character/Pairing: Wyatt/Bianca
Rating: PG
Word Count: 370
Written For: 31_days

Midnight has fallen upon me. It is dark, black. Should I expect no less from such a late hour? I hear someone following me. They have followed me for many streets now. I have often seen the shadow flit across the wall as I descend down the pathway, but if I turn to look I find no-one there. On occasion I will hear a sound. It is the sound of a shimmer. Although I would expect it to be warlock or demon, I know it is not so. It is an exceedingly distinct sound – one that belongs to an assassin, a killer who is a witch as I am.

It is when her lithe figure makes an appearance on the steeple ahead that I know I am in trouble. She would not reveal her figure to me unless she was planning to take action. She has been cautious up until now.

“You can come down,” I call out to her. “I can see where you are.”

She does as I say, but not as I expect her to. She vanishes and reappears behind me with that same marked sound. I lift my hand and generate an energy ball, watching as the white and blue light emanating from it crosses her delicate features. Smugly she does the same, only hers flickers like fire. Finding I am not going to win this battle, I close my hand, the ball dying away in a whiff of smoke. Her hand disappears behind her back, concealing the light. Again I find myself face to face in the shadows with this stimulating woman. We are merely strangers in the dark, yet there is something in us that mirrors the other. I feel her breath hot on my skin as she leans up towards me. It lasts only the briefest of seconds, but our lips meet.

“That’s an enticing way to try to annihilate me,” I whisper.

“Do you trust there’s no poison on my lips?” she questions.

I’m not sure if I do, but I see her turn and race away from me. I do not think that this is my imminent death. I think only that if I survive perhaps I shall see her again.
Tags: 31 days, ficlet, wyatt/bianca

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