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Please take a moment to help...

So we all know how much I ♥ Marisol Nichols and look up to her and treasure the fact that she featured enough in my life to make a huge personal impact on me, and merely 2 days ago I was stressing about how I could help her. Well, guess what? I found a way.

Not sure how many of you know about the hovering status of Marisol's current show In Justice (depending on how much of my ranting you read) but it is being threatened with cancellation. Only 13 episodes of the show were ordered (which have all been screened) and no decision has been made up til this point on the show's status - whether they're going to be given a second season. Despite the actors jumping to other projects (I have also heard that in a recent interview Kyle MacLachlan was speaking of the show in the past tense) this program is still "on the bubble". Although the ABC Network has a slew of other programs in the line to start up (2 of which star Jason O'Mara & Constance Zimmer from the show), they are not making any final decisions regarding their current programs until Mid May. This means there is still time to save In Justice (and thereby keep Marisol employed and on our screens - providing endless inspiration for me and ongoing love for everything I do... I don't know how this effects you LOL, but it is important to me).

E!Online is launching their 5th annual SOS campaign to back support behind saving ONE show. In Justice is in the list. For the full details go here. Basically we have one week, until April 28th to get as many people as we can to send an email to tvdiva@eonline.com with In Justice in the subject line. That's all that needs to be done, it'll take 5 seconds. And thankfully it's something people worldwide (like me) CAN do to help save this show.

So if you want to help me help Marisol, please send that one small email in the next week, and if your friends can do it also it would be a great help. Thanks again. Sorry for the pleading LOL I am just super passionate about supporting people I truly believe in (and most of you out there know it cause I do the same for you ;) *hugglies*)
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