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Day 1 of my costume sabbatical

Well I haven't even looked at my costume. And I also forgot to mention yesterday was a Chris day - Drew everywhere - new piccies, the NL forum back up, "Over" being added to the radio playlist and played a zillion times a day, me finally finishing watching what I taped on RAGE on Saturday morning and seeing the clip (I swear there's more Drew scenes in there than Kelly's :S) Um but I'm tired so no elaboration on that.

So my day started out with, erm, well I heard everyone leaving but I went right back to sleep. Got up at um 10ish I think and had to dive straight into doing housework. Chatted a little to Mel whilst hanging out washing and jetting off to the post office. Have to start believing in same day delivery now, the mysterious package from Monday was the one she'd sent on Monday :S Needless to say my hands, desk & keyboard ended up covered in sparklies by the end of it all. Mel is such a sweetie *hugz*

Um, so, after that I wrote a good page and a half of Bianca fic. All up today I have 3 pages total, so that's good - I'm halfway there. Just have to write one more scene which I've done some location research for tonight (again thanks to Mel, she's a bundle of knowledge) and um I have been doing more of the assasiny research but that hasn't shed a hell of a lot of light for me, so I'm definately winging the next bit.

So this afternoon was spent down at the Orthodontists office getting my braces off. They were being stubborn. They didn't want to come off. And so he had to wrestle with the metal to the point where it felt like he was shattering my teeth. The first one was the worst, and as he said thank god it didn't get tighter the further he got into it. Really it was nothing compared to having the roof of your mouth ripped out. Most painful thing u can go through. And, um, seriously I wanna have a kid just to see whether that or childbirth is more painful (since so many ppl reckon childbirth is severly painful, but u know not that many ppl have had the former done to them like I have). I have a high threshold for pain anyway so all is ok. I, um, admittedly I was thinking of my Bianca fic. *blush* Oh, c'mon people, being an assasin is painful stuff, I'm allowed to associate my pain with hers! LOL. Yeah, so call me deluded *rolls eyes* but I'm the first to admit the girl has helped me, and I realised that long ago back when we were doing the RPGs, so I thank the PTBs for that every day. All I wanted to do afterwards was get home and clean my teeth though, everything felt grimy. But of course I had to make a trip to the X-Ray place to pick up my mother's X-Rays. But since I have to go back down tomorrow for the plate for my top teeth (Dr Tobin thinks they might move if I wait a week, and to tell the truth I had thought about that before I went down there, so that really didn't surprise me) I decided that I will do all my shopping then (which at that point I was only remembering to pre-order the Lifehouse CDs) so I went straight home. Um... seems not so good news for my mum. She has to go see the doctor so they can check out whether the evil cancer has decided to rear it's ugly head again (it's been almost 20 years). The doctors at the x-ray place were slightly concerned so, hmm, dunno when she's gonna do that. But I encouraged her to take time off same time as me. If the others at work are allowed to, then she can as well.

Well I'm sure that covers my day. :S I really can't think of anything else. And I'm tired. Now I'm sure I already mentioned that. hehe. Okay, signing off. ;) Oh, one last note, Lost was bitterly sweet tonight. Had to actually pay attention to read all the subtitles. Damn I'm gonna have to see Hero & House of Flying Daggers. *sigh* Ok really going now. :D

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