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*is crazy* 50 prompts for you to use

Okay so as I said I compiled a list and, erm, thought I better stop at 50, although I could do another round of these in a few weeks or something *snicker* Anyway if any of you guys want to use these feel free to.

Can't you see how your love's affecting your reality?
Do you ever think about what we had?
Don't tell me that you're all better. I don't care if you are.
Don't worry I'll get us there
Heaven can't have you
How come I never hear you say 'I just want to be with you'?
I can't let go
I cheat destiny just to be near you
I don't want you to be by my side and tell me that everything's alright
I have nightmares, I have dreams of you gone
I know I can be a little stubborn sometimes
I know I can love you much better than this
I love you more than I should
I would love to bring you down
I'm so tired my feet won't touch the ground
I'm surrounded by a million so-called friends and I don't even know their names
I'm watching the stars and hoping to see the day you'll come back to me
Instead of winning what I want I'm sitting here in second place
Is she talking to herself again?
It's all so dark and mysterious when the one you want doesn't want you
It's always been up to you
It's time to face the truth, I will never be with you
It's time to forget myself
I've borrowed things I don't need for conversations sake
Keep on trying, keep an open mind
Lost without you
Love lies bleeding
Makes you wonder how the other half live
Much like suffocating
My eyes, they gave it all away
Please don't say we're too busy to give each other time
Promise me tomorrow starts with you
Some things I'll never show
Somewhere deep inside something's got a hold on you and it's pushing me aside
The faster I drive the harder I cry
The world was on fire and no-one could save me but you
There is one thing that you can do for me
There was a time our dreams felt so real
There's always something tearing you apart
There's nothing in this world I'd rather wake up and see
We are still innocent
What a wicked thing to say to make me feel this way
What good would it be to kill you if we're both already dead?
When love and hate collide
Why'd you give up on me so soon?
Will you still be there when the heartache ends?
Words are weapons, sharper than knives
You can't save me
You used to beg me to take care of things and smile at the thought of me failing
You're my window to another world

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