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Requiring some decision-making (cause I can't decide)

Poll #720221 Halliwell Brothers fic challenge

Okay I need some help guys! I have to write one of the following from my little list of story prompts I made up (bar the one that's already taken). Help me pick which one (by what u wanna read if u like):

Chris centric. With Chris' soul still in transit after he was "killed", Chris makes a bargain with a soul ferrying demon to give him back his life and return him to his family.
Wyatt centric. Wyatt develops a crush on one of his charges and goes out of his way to impress her
Both brothers. With their parents MIA, Wyatt and Chris must face off their first demon together.
Both brothers. On a family camping trip Wyatt spends most of the night trying to convince Chris of the existence of a demon that lives in the woods (that he made up) only for the brothers to discover it is true.
Both brothers. Chris discovers Wyatt's new girlfriend is actually psychotically evil. How will he tell his brother?
Tags: charmed, chris, chris halliwell, halliwell brothers, poll, wyatt, wyatt halliwell

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