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Welcome to the deep, dark & crazy world that is my imagination
31 Days ficlet - "It's All In The Cards" 
4th-May-2006 09:32 pm
Grave Lying
Title: It’s All In The Cards
Day/Theme: May 4 Dealing futures from the deck of swords
Series: Charmed
Character/Pairing: Wyatt/Bianca (Wyatt centric)
Rating: PG
Word Count: 700
Written For: 31_days

“Come, sit down,” the woman seated at the table said.

Wyatt stood in the doorway, feeling uncomfortable as he looked at the ambient lighting and decorative pieces around him. Thin wisps of smoke drifted up from tiny sticks of what he could only guess was sandalwood, giving the room a distinct smell. The lady who addressed him was almost twice his age. She looked kindly, although he expected her to be something like the old crone who had once stalked him for his powers.

“I’m not accustomed to doing these kinds of things,” he admitted.

“I’ll just make it simple for you then,” she responded. “Come, sit.”

Slowly he inched forward, pulling back the chair and taking a seat. He looked down at the table. A simple purple tablecloth spread over a round wooden table, a sole deck of cards laying facedown to one side. Picking up the deck the woman shuffled them, handing the pile over to Wyatt and instructing him to do the same. He did so, feeling a strange sensation tingle through his arms. Sensing when to stop he handed the pile back to her. Removing three cards she laid them down before him.

“This is your past. The ten of swords denotes ruin. You’ve seen the worst in life but you needn’t worry, things are about to improve for you.”

Wyatt looked down at the card, drawing back as he saw the interweaving of swords fall away to reveal scenes of battle he had played a part in. He could clearly see the smoothness of his strikes with the sword and the open cut on his face from where he had been struck. He moved with such fluidity that even if he had not known himself he would have been impressed.

The tarot reader turned over the middle card. It shone like Excalibur. Wyatt smiled. It was his sword. It was the only thing in the picture – strong and vibrant.

“There is an unstoppable movement happening,” she explained. “A great force. Things are changing for the better. You have courage and intellect that will carry you through to success.”

“Yeah, I already knew that,” he said proudly.

“The last is something you cannot know. This is what lays in your future,” she said, turning over the last card. She looked at it questionably. “Well, this is certainly strange.”

“What?” Wyatt asked quickly, worry beginning to override his confidence.

“It’s the two of swords. I’ve never had solely one suit before.” She looked up to meet his eyes. “It’s like dealing futures from the deck of swords.”

“What does it say?” he pressed.

“Oh, it’s nothing bad,” she said. “In fact it’s rather promising. The two swords are balanced – friendship in a time of adversity, a matched equal, someone you can depend on. I think she’s the only one who could stand up to you.”

Seeing the broad smile on the psychic’s face, Wyatt glanced down at the card. He was surprised to find that his ‘equal’ was female. She was dressed in a dark suit, her long light brown hair cascading over her shoulders. It concealed her face so he couldn’t clearly see who she was. He noted the curves on her body and the slender shape of her hand and fingers which gripped what appeared to be a finely carved athame. Spotting a mark on her wrist he squinted, trying to make out what the shape was but the card was too small to reveal such an image clearly. Before he had a chance to fully analyze what she looked like, the psychic swept her hand over the cards, gathering them up and replacing them in the pile.

“Can I know more about her?” he inquired.

“It’s not going to be soon, but you will help her as much as she helps you.”

Wyatt stood, curious still about the young woman but knowing he was not going to get anymore out of the woman in front of him. Digging in his pocket he handed over a wad of bills, turning and leaving, his mind running over all the possibilities that could exist of who this mystery girl was and how life would be with her around.

5th-May-2006 05:15 am (UTC)
Awww, so cool! I like Bianca being his mystery woman and him not knowing her yet, I can imagine him keeping his eyes open, looking for her.
5th-May-2006 06:00 am (UTC)
Aw thank you :) *hugz* Yeah I was kinda thinking this was the prequel to "Unaffected" or, u know, Wyatt's POV b4 they met in that... but I'm so not writing his entire biography LOL Besides, I don't claim ownership of him (A) Glad you enjoyed it. ;)
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