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Friday Five questions - "Moment of Death"

Questions I've entitled "Moment of Death" from thefridayfive

If you knew you were going to die on a specific day at a specific time, what's...

1. the last song you would listen to?
I'm thinking it's my current "this is me" mournful song - "November" - Azure Ray

2. book you would read?
"Angels & Demons" by Dan Brown cause it's unlikely I'll pick up a book and that's the one I'm stuck on reading. ALTHOUGH if I had to chose and wanted to quickly read something I loved - "Pet Semetary" by Stephen King

3. person you would talk to?
original_lie cause that's the way it always is - and she's the first person I run to in a crisis. Mind you I wouldn't be surprised if it ended up being my mother since she's in my life like 24/7.

4. food you would eat?

5. goal you would accomplish?
It would be likely that I would write something, more than likely it would be a completed Wy/B ficlet. Things I would like to have happen but I'm being very dismal right now and thinking they won't - having a book (with a decent story I wrote) published and having a family (ie. guy + kids) that I adore.
Tags: azure ray, death, friday five, questions, wy/b

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