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Welcome to the deep, dark & crazy world that is my imagination
Day 7 of costume sabbatical 
17th-Mar-2005 12:33 am
Grave Lying
OMG a week? It's been a week? :S How did that happen? That was much to fast. And I still woke up with that cramping stomach thing. *grumble*

Um, so yeah it went a little like yesterday. Started after 11am. Cut out the lining & underlining. The interfacing I discovered I didn't need cause my shopping list says it's for the skirt. :S Weird being that it was used for the bodice on the other costume I was making. Anyway, I was costuming to the first two Cyndi Lauper albums (I blame Cold Case for getting them back out!), Icehouse's "Man Of Colours" & Duran Duran's "Big Thing". Never realised albums were so short in the 80's. Barely lasted 40-50mins, and I had to keep getting up of course to flip the record over. But it was fun. While I was mulling over the meaning of the interfacing, I had lunch and made a quick stop on the NL forum. Well it went for almost an hour, but u know, restful ;) I then brought the washing in b4 it rained, and finally pulled out the sewing machine. I think I worked out how to make the bobbin work :D And it was all in the instructions :S Okay, call me blonde, but I don't remember that being there last time :p So everything was working well, and I got the lining sewed (and my mother called wondering why nothing had been sewed yet *sigh*), and then I was doing the material for the bodice. I switched the computer on sometime after 6pm and started multi-tasking by doing the sewing at the same time. I had to unpick one half of the back section cause it seems I sewed it back-to-front. :( So I fixed that up, have a bodice in material, and I gotta do the lining that same way tomorrow. Also did the two lots of straps (which I kept misplacing hehe) that I had to iron as well. Did a lot of ironing - had to iron the lining b4 I started too cause it was so crushed and folded from the store *sigh* Um so yeah I gotta attach straps and do lining tomorrow and eyelets (oh the fun) the ribbon I do not have *blush* and the top will be finished :D

Also had mum yelling at me tonight for the fact that even though I was helping her with one thing, that I wasn't doing something else at the same time for her *rolls eyes* Yeah had enough. Was ready to draw blood from the barrage but it slowly went away. Then the machine decided to hate me too so I called it quits. Now, have to go looksie at IDBT and possibly throw an update up.
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