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Day 8 of costume sabbatical

I threw it away. Thrown it all away. Well, as far as the kitchen table anyway ;) I sewed all the lining together and so the majority of today was playing with the boning. Whoever said it was a good idea? Next time u see someone in a corset, feel sorry for the wardrobe people. I got pin-pricked so many times, and the stupid boning *grumble* out of 6 pieces I have managed to sew one onto the lining... after 3 attempts. It really is a horrible device.

Talked to Julie a little today. Chatting to my other buddies while watching Lost tonight. That show definately has me intrigued. Also went and saw the Orthodontist for my bottom plate, tiny little plasticy wirey thing, and um he says only to waer it at night and that I don't particularly need it anyway. It's only my top jaw he's worried about. I felt a little sad sitting in the waiting room down there and I don't know why. Maybe I was expecting bad news.

Anyway, I'm super tired so I'm gonna go to bed shortly. I um have been getting a little addicted to certain things so ... actually I shouldn't be pleading minutes before I go to bed, I won't see anyone update the RPG ;) hehe. Alrighty that's enough from me.

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