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Yah huh, still alive ;)

So I suppose it's time I made myself update this again. A heck of a lot has been happening over the past month. My costume sabbatical countdown suffered in the nose (you can tell from last update I wasn't finished) because of all the wonderful things our internet provider decided to do some work and screw up our line, so we were without internet for a week. I cried. A lot. I hated being torn away from my net buddies with no hope or promise to ever get back online before the end of March, not with the phone company being so unhelpful. It took about ten calls and 4 days before someone would help us out, and lo and behold things were fixed not long after. It was the greatest joy to come home from work and have my mum give me the surprising news that I could get on. I was so shattered at not having to write out my characters as I had planned on doing, and my beautiful friends came up with something to make it feasable. Cause I was going away for Easter, I kept my awayness status over the next few days because I wasn't going to be able to update. But it all worked out in the end, and thankfully we've had no majorly massive stuff-ups on IDBT since *knock on wood* cause over the past few months we've all had to suffer for a good week of being computerless/netless/siteless/RPGless.

So, lets see, despite this I only managed to get just over a page of Bianca fic done and my costume not finished. Ended up being that, excluding Easter, my mum & I were working our butts off all weekend and weekday nights trying to finish it. I even took a sick day off from work (booking a dentist appointment as well which I needed to do) to do some. Right up until the night b4 when I finished (and there was a slight crisis of being a row short of lace, but we just made it a shorter hem ;) ), and mum did the last hook & eye an hour b4 the party. So that Wild West murder mystery was an interesting day. My petticoat skirt ended up being so huge that my brother had to move the car away from the garden for me so I could get in, and then when I did I had to hike the skirt up to my knees and spread it across the passenger seat. Needless to say the handbrake and gear shift in the middle of the car got buried and I had to scavenge under my skirt for them. I can see why we skirts like this aren't in fashion anymore - in this day & age it's not practical. Anyway, everyone loved my costume, couldn't believe how hard I worked on it (told them all it was my one month of torture cause that's pretty much how long it took ;) ) and who would have known that the character I played would be similar to Bianca? It was hilarious - I spent my whole time pretending to be in love with "Wyatt" who was pretty hopeless but I was so skilled I was covering his butt all the time without him (or anyone else) knowing, therefore giving him a bigger ego. And I was the murderer. My first time! :D Mind u I had to drop major hints to the others about my guilt cause I obviously played too well LOL They completely forgot what they were looking for. So we took lots of piccies, mug shots, um Daniel was Wyatt so we got deemed "couple of the night" and had to take a few photos together LOL I don't know where exactly those are but not sure if I should see them. Kinda worried actually cause you know he's the one I keep calling the creepy man, although I'm sure he stopped thinking of me in that respect. I really hope I didn't dig something up there. :S Anyway, I also got my photo in handcuffs (yeah, me, handcuffs, always the joke about the pair above my bed LOL) and it was hilarious to discover just the other day Zarina had posted up a piccie of Drew Fuller from his new movie Dark Ride in a very similar pose. Although he looks much cuter doing his little puppy dog plea face. *hugz* He so rocks.

Anyhow, what else? Um my easter holiday. Great great GREAT fun. Spent that with Helen from my work & her brother Chris. I wish I could elaborate and drone on about everything we did, but it's starting to get so long ago that the memories are starting to fade. Helen took some beautiful pics of me & my bro. I love the photos we have from there, everything is so bright and colourful. We had so much fun, I played daredevil & went on pretty much EVERY ride (go me! hehe). We didn't have enough time to see & do everything, but I'm so glad that I had the opportunity to do Seaworld, Dreamworld, and Movieworld (again, haha) - the latter two we are definately doing again. We have to do Dreamworld again cause we didn't get on all the rides, see all the characters, etc. cause it rained (although that did help us in one respect cause we got on some of the rides quicker then). Most memorable moments of that day - being in the ultra huge queue for Tower of Terror for a good hour, then getting right to the front when we were on the next ride and having it break down. LOL. We spent 15 mins waiting for the repair so we could get on (mind u got a brilliant photo of me & Russ cause of that :D ). Chris didn't go with us to Dreamworld, so we had poor Helen who was freaking out cause she didn't want to go on, but the door was locked behind us so we had no choice but to stay LOL. It was cool, I was so looking forward to it. I have probs going forward not backward so I was hanging to get on. And u know what, over this easter I worked out the very exact point of my problem, and every ride that I went on didn't have that factor so it wasn't an issue. I'm so happy. And we listened to them test run the ride a few times before we got on, then when we did they told us we were going on the test run one LOL That was a super cool ride though - the worst point was when u see the bar that goes straight up, going along the bend there. Everything else is fine. So we waited like over an hour for a 7 second ride, but it was worth it. :D

Now, Movieworld rocked. As soon as we walked in they had so many characters out, which is unusual, so we did the rounds and took so many photos it wasn't funny (yes, we even doubled up on a few characters LOL) We were getting really annoyed because the guys from Scooby Doo hadn't come out (at least not at the times we asked for when they were supposed to) and we saw them in the parade which was great caus eI missed that last time. That was after the endless wait for the Batman ride (not as good as the first one, and we started to notice they appeared to be a) missing a lot of staff that day & b} most of the rides seemed to be broken down/only half running :( ) where we were entertained by Dr Frankenstein & his monster (the "doctor" knew my name which was weird, but we think we worked that one out ;) and Chris & Russell were forever imitating the pair after we saw them) for ages. Lethal Weapon ride was another long wait - I'm never going on that one again. I had such a huge headache from that one cause my head got bashed every turn - hurts just thinking about it. We all loved the Scooby Doo ride, went on it so much posing for the camera photo. It was hilarious. The boys decided they'd stick their fingers up at the camera too for one photo which noticably was blank when we came out (obviously they erased it, bad brothers). Um, my little pain obsession was beginning to shine through a little cause I kept opting for the back seat so I could go backwards and get bashed in the hips by the bar at the end dip. I ended up with two bruises from that *blush* but I consider them souveniours :D The really funny thing was that we were so determined to see the Scooby Doo guys that, despite their appearance times being long gone, I said to the others we should keep going aorund & around on the Scooby Doo ride until they appeared. The guy at the front door thought it was hilarious that we would go in, come out the other side, run around to the front and go on the ride again. And the funny thing was the time after I suggested that to Chris we came out and lo and behold the characters were out the front of the castle. And as soon as I saw the white jumper I screamed "They're here! Helen, it's Fred! They're here!" and I quickly ran towards them (excited little thing I am LOL. But c'mon, can I help it Fred was so hot?) Apparently Helen almost stacked it behind me trying to chase after me haha. So we got our photo with them too, and we were definately happy campers that day. :D

Okay so onto some not so great news. The whole thing with my mother got a slight mention earlier I believe, but after many tests/operations it was discovered she had cancer. Only 3mm (probably the size of a pin head). She went to the radiologist to discuss the side effects and things. From what he told her it didn't sound like such a great option considering her health. So she dragged the family out to dinner last night to fill us in and decided to get a masectomy done. She's already had one, so she knows what it involves. She spoke with the surgeon so she's covered all the bases, she just wanted our opinion. It seems everyone agrees with her, and as I said with her health being such a big issue (and I guess in my case timage) it was definately the better option for her. So all that's gonna be happening in May, along with my Charmed-fest (Season 1 DVDs and Wes Ramsey - can I ask for much more? haha). Plus I get my Lifehouse CDs in May too. And we see GRease, so mum's leaving her operation till after that (same day as when Wes is on, but u know I think I can work something out). All in all May is gonna be a busy month. And then comes June. As much as things are going to fall apart at work, I have my buddies coming *cheer* I must be completely deluded to think that they're coming to "save" me, but I think I'm just banking so much on this that things are going to be as great as they are on the net, that I'm gonna have even more fun with them in person. The fact I love them all to death, that I insist on spending as much time as I can here, that sometimes it feels like it's the only place I can be myself and be happy, creative, inspirational, whatever the case may be, I hate being torn away from them. I know I'm going to cry when they leave, if not when they come. Is it so bad that it borders on obsession? I've never been so overly attached to people b4. Okay maybe I didn't want my brother to move to Melbourne but that was because I didn't want to be stuck here alone with my parents. I didn't think I could handle it. And now I have a whole group of friends on the net who can steal me away every night and know what I'm talking about and I don't want to leave them anymore.

Um, ok, so generally I'm happy. Despite blame trying to be held over me today, I have much to be happy about. Things are going to be ok with my mum. After a month of neglect, my Bianca fic finally got another chapter, and I've written about half a page on the next. I'm keeping up to date with IDBT (even have planage *snicker*). I'm actually getting back to this livejournal thing. I have a brilliant new CD thanks to the wonderful peeps at UK HMV: "Second First Impression" - Daniel Bedingfield. I gotta say I'm obsessed with it. I think I love it more than the first. It's a fantastic album. Um *thinks* I think that's all :S El's bugging for some company hehe so I'll go join her.

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