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Tell me it isn't me...

Apologies for lack of creative energy, I'm reliving illness from a year ago (calling it the anniversary illness) from when the musketeers were here so my brain is quite adamant about doing nothing atm.

I did however finish the next chapter of Unaffected two days ago but I'm having a serious problem. Fanfiction.net won't upload it for me. Is anyone else having problems uploading stuff? Because the little blue bar will move up until about the halfway point at the bottom of my screen, and then the box just goes white. Like totally blank. And I have at one stage or another had it come up with the error message and they'll log it yadda yadda yadda and if it continues go to the support thing. Only I did that last night and, despite the fact I was logged in, it kept telling me to log in and that my name/password wasn't valid. I'm like what the..? I'm logged in already, and of course the easy explanations are no help. So, um, someone tell me it's not just me so I can stop fretting.
Tags: fic, unaffected

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