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Friday Five questions - "Fandom 5"

"Fandom 5" Questions from thefridayfive

1.) What fandom do you center on most?

2.) Do you contribute to it much (write fanfiction, draw fanart, participate in online communities and discussions)?
Um it's pretty much the only fandom I write for (I have written for others but years ago). I also participate in RPGs on the forum of drewfuller.nl

3.) Do you think that such things are good or harmful to the fandom and why?
*clears throat* Good since they steal ideas from us (A) Mind you not everything comes out the way we write it. I think it's good if you keep to realistic scenarios (within that fandom) and don't overly change the characters.

4.) Do you think its good or harmful for the original creator?
As I said above, if you keep things in the light they were originally written then I think it's good. Too much change I feel destroys a creator's work. Also the stuff I write tends not to focus too heavily on the main characters of the show, which gives me a wide girth to expand upon what I already know about certain characters.

5.) Why do you like this fandom in particular?
Um, hey, I'm a supernatural freak! As long as I can play with magic, strange creatures, shiny weapons and awesome characters, I'm a very happy girl :)
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