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The New Future - Halliwell-Lawson's (Wyatt, Bianca & their Children)

Alright, since I have a yearning to write about Wyatt & Bianca and their little kiddlies now, I decided to mock up a post detailing their children's personalities.

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May I present the Halliwell-Lawson's:

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These two were never meant to fall in love. But despite the odds, the battles, the dangers, the hardships, they were able to maintain a fairytale romance. Born into a family of Phoenix Witches who thrived on their careers as assassins, Bianca never knew that 3 years into her life and halfway across town the “twice blessed child” was being born – the most powerful Witch/Whitelighter ever known to man. Caught up in family legacies they never met until two more decades had passed.

Although bearing a rocky start and with a path that was nowhere near smooth, their relationship endured the test of time, kept together by passion that burned and an understanding of one another.

Further character information about Wyatt & Bianca can be found here.

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Born January 22nd. Matthew Jeremiah Halliwell is the eldest of Wyatt and Bianca’s children. He’s an imaginative child, excited by even the littlest of things. He doesn’t have a high regard for his safety, which has led to many problematic rescues whether it be pulling him from a tree or out of a dangerous demon’s lair. Although he often gives off the appearance that he is a sensible and reasonable child, there are moments when his mood swings wildly into darker territory and he’ll often spontaneously explode into fits of temper that will send others scurrying. Although he doesn’t bear the same power his father does, Matthew looks up to his father and tries to emulate him which can often lead him into trouble because of the way he regularly attracts or enacts violence. But although his dark side is a prominent feature of his personality, Matthew still has a lighter side which often comes out when he’s telling and playing jokes. He looks after his younger siblings with grim determination as an older sibling would, although his protectiveness and care does on occasion turn demanding when he expects all family members to do their duty and live up to their obligations.

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Born May 10th. Chrystal is the middle child in the family. She is an intelligent girl with a yearning to absorb as much knowledge as she can, always curious to know how things work and where things derive from. Because of this both her parents are relieved to be able to tell her things without having to force them down her throat, thereby giving her a clear view of the dangers that lie in being their child. The only one apart from her mother to bear the Phoenix symbol (on her left calf), Bianca is set upon protecting her from the lifestyle she was forced into, and giving her daughter the childhood she never had. In this way Chrystal helps Bianca to feel as if she’s living her childhood over again, in the right fashion this time. Chrystal has a strong and unyielding moral stance with very firm ideas about right and wrong that she doesn’t hesitate to express. Although it may look prudish, it is in fact that she is obsessed with injustice and fairness and feels all forms of discrimination keenly. She tends to side with the underdog, and if she feels that she or they have been wronged then she will immediately launch into a scathing, uncompromising attack. At times she can be both demanding and critical, taking great pride in projecting herself as both hard and tough and expecting others to be the same. It is this that makes her the most serious of all the family members. She is happiest when left to her own devices, preferring not to be fussed over or spoilt as she tends to withdraw from everybody when she is paid too much attention.

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Born November 24th. Patrick is the baby of the family. Much younger than his two siblings, Patrick has come into his powers quite quickly in life. An independent child, he tends to use them more to escape or entertain himself than for anything else. He is an incredibly happy child. More often than not if you speak with him and he doesn’t laugh in the first few moments, then something is clearly wrong. He doesn’t appreciate being belittled, although he takes great pleasure in making others look silly. He is somewhat wild with a great sense of adventure, so running off isn’t something he views as wrong, but unlike Matthew he also has highly developed instincts that will get him out of trouble before he’s in it.

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