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She did it! She really did! *claps*

So brilliantly happy - I just wanna brag. Okay, so the hour has ticked over into early Monday morning, but I did get my next chapter up for the Bianca fic. Mass weekend writing which took me from roughly a quarter of a page on Saturday morning to an 8 page finalisation tonight. I'm so pleased with myself *claps* I had a lot of trouble today trying to keep up the momentum, what with being kidnapped every few hours - the longest period being that in which we had dinner at the RSL club and played pokies (well Russ and I both lost a game of roulette, and then I was his cheer squad for his first attempt at Blackjack) and a raffle which bored me so much I nearly fell asleep.

So majority of my weekend has been Unaffected (my Bianca fic). I had to keep stopping when I was writing the heavy stuff on Saturday night/early Sunday morning... effectively I was letting a few demons out and I guess I should say I was in a positive enough mood not to have them effect me too badly. I kept having the thought that maybe I was completely losing the plot, that this wouldn't work, but I know where it was leading. It was even included in the end of the chapter. I should stop worrying about not knowing how to do something when I do. I should also stop trying to make things so realistic that I have these not so brilliant ideas about hurting myself. Well, it wasn't intentional, nor was it bad (it was okay within an hour). And I've dreamed worse than what I've done. Didn't help to vaguely mix it up in my dreams last night. I would think that would have at least kept the momentum going.

Erm, so I did nothing really. There isn't much to say. And now I've finished my chapter I'll more than likely give myself a break tomorrow (or rather today) but I don't know what I'll do with that. Probably not be allowed to sleep in like the other two previous nights. *sigh*

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