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Again with the obsession

I'm going to post a poem. It's not mine (although, yeah, I did think about whipping one up and posting it the other day) but it's by someone who's been rather inspirational to me of late, and I just thought I'd share it.

An inpenetratable boundary,
a familiar fence line that fosters a strangely comforting seclusion.

Beyond the movie - set walls, distant branches serve as natures subtle reminder of an unsheltered home.

There is no clock on the wall, its arrogant march replaced by the inevitable and monotonous shift from daylight to dusk, from dark to light.

The windows, not portals outward upon freedom of thought
but reflections inward into awkward introversion.

These walls have seen strangers
Faces once so eerily blank and foreign

These faces have seen real people
And tears will see them leave.
Tags: big brother, jamie, poem

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