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Who are you? Who who who who?

Sorry, okay, trying to watch CSI while I'm doing this. Plus write my fanfic. I'm one very busy girl (Aren't I always? hehe)

So I suceeded in getting that 8 hour sleep I was aiming for last night. Came back late from watching Hide & Seek at the movies with my brother (where he duely informed me he'd split up with his girlfriend again... seriously, am I always the last to know? I used to be his greatest confidante. Weird.) So, anyway, the movie was good, although if u actually put any thought into it u might get a headache from working out how the hell it was even possible. I mean, to me there were timing improbabilities in it. And also adding various elemants to the film to distract u from what was going on, but then not tying those storylines up - bad bad bad writing *shakes head* Although the rest was good. I can say I guessed it probably about 5 mins b4 they revealed it. Oh commercial for House of Flying Daggers *claps* I so wanna see that. Still trying to convince my brother to come with me. I want to go next weekend.

So, let's see, what should I talk about in my first quizless update? Um... well this morning I was freaking out so much about this picnic & tennis thing I was supposed to be going on that I almost made myself sick. Extreme nausea (cause I very rarely vomit). Sorry, that probably sounded disgusting. But I had Ellen trying to calm me down, and then Zarina. And they actually helped quite a bit. I came up with another headache question for my fic. Surprisingly enough Mel actually provided me with a few answers tonight that really do make sense, and surely I shall be incorporating those into my fic. But yes, I know, I'm over-analysing Chris-Crossed again, and I know I'm very VERY far off the point of writing that at the moment, but as I've said b4 my imagination goes tra-la-la down that path where it ends up being WAY ahead of where it should be. I keep having to rope it in, tell it to store whatever it's coming up with away somewhere in that filing cabinet in my head, and to focus on what I'm supposed to be doing now. Which is writing for children. Which is not easy considering I'm not around them, and haven't been one in about 20 years. I couldn't even remember a rhyme properly - I had to google it. Yes, you can laugh, I had to. It's really a sad case when u can't remember things u learnt as a child. Thankfully someone had posted it on the net, so I was able to proceed. And still my total for this update is a little under 3 pages. I'm not doing so well this weekend. I stopped cause I need to rewrite a fairytale now (can I help if I like the Disney version better? LOL) so that's gonna take a bit of time and effort. But, yay, I have heaps of time on my hands b4 Cold Case tomorrow night. More Marisol *happy dance* Can't wait.

So reason I didn't have much time on my hands, that afore-mentioned picnic that I was so worried about. It didn't turn out too bad. There was mass hassling of me not playing because, well, I discovered why my arm was sore just b4 I went to bed last night - that super duper tennis match I played on Friday night. And today I realised the exact stupid move I pulled to actually injure it how I did. So mum calls it tennis elbow, but frankly I just know it as the "screaming with pain" muscle in my arm. *sigh* So those 5 hours were funny, and I was quiet, but eventually I was being more myself, and even gave my friend a free hug (see, net buddies ARE a good influence on me ;) ). And since I was deemed time master, we actually got away relatively unscathed, which I'm so happy about. And got home in plenty of time for Charmed. Nick Lachey *bleh* we so need to lose him. He's getting worse each week. But I love my little Halliwell family - Wyatt looking so disapprovingly at his father, and orbing his mummy around. So cute, so wonderful, that child is a brilliant actor and I just want to hug him! Holly & Brian were great too. I can never get enough of Piper & Leo - and I loved him blaming Chris for the demon hunting. So would have loved to see Drew give a comeback to that (as big Chris of course). They really shouldn't have gotten rid of him. *sighs again* I watched CSI too tonight. Love Greg. He rocks. Definately the original CSI is the best, I like all the characters (Except maybe Sara, she grates on the nerves sometimes).

Um so I go to bed in half an hour. Where's that tiredness I had b4 when I got home? I was almost falling asleep at the keyboard waiting for Charmed to start. Oh well. Busy work day tomorrow, looking forward to it? So not. But, I dunno, maybe the day will go quick and I'll be super speedy and finish my update tomorrow. *shrug* I'd love to be able to write that fast, but things just don't generate that quickly sometimes.
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