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Here's the thing... we started off friends

So what can I say? *thinks* Oh well apart from the subject has no relevance except that I bought the Kelly Clarkson CD (and almost made myself cry to "Behind These Hazel Eyes" again. And then as well to "Because Of You"). Couldn't get my Lifehouse CD (which I forgot about *oops*) cause apparently it hasn't been distributed to our music store yet *rolls eyes* Stupid Universal. So wanna kick their butts. And yet Melly was able to get their CD today and she's not even in the same state as the record co (unlike me, and seriously they're only a few blocks away from my work! Grr).

So who else is in for some butt kicking? Well... Scotty on Cold Case. Majorly. Although I think they were aiming for sympathy, that was just a pathetic excuse to ditch Elisa. He's been there like forever for her and decides he's not going to anymore? *shakes head* Definately sicking Wyatt onto that boy. And you know what, from what spoiler friend tells me, I hope he goes on a massive guilt trip with what happens. I hope he never lives it down. Am I sounding evil yet? hehe.

I dreamt of evil Wyatt last night. Well in the sense of what he looked like in Chris-Crossed has determined the evil side of him in Imaginary Friends (if u get my drift). So the long hair, unshaven, black t-shirt thing. Anyway, I have been working my way along the Halliwell chain - Drew like a week ago, Piper the other night, and boy was I ever excited to FINALLY get Wyatt into a dream - only thing was I nearly forgot he was in there. *blush* So the part that featured him was a nice little bedroom which had a pretty similar look to Drewbie's room in Vampire Clan. There was a shoebox on the bed and I was leafing through these glossy photos in it, which I would pretty much say were screencaps to the cave scene in Imaginary Friends (yeah I know, even though I haven't seen it yet). Um and then after that he was there - dunno if we were in the same room (this was one of those chop & change dreams which give u about 5 different things one after the other) and well I know he was talking (I remember hearing his deep voice - do NOT ask me if that's the same voice I was using for Leo the other night. That would just be weird LOL) but I don't think he was talking to me. It could have been a speechy thing, but I can't remember a word he said. :(

Hmm work wise I have to say that I was excited yesterday to find out the courier company screwed up and not me! *happy dance* I was truly freaking out by yesterday, and of course acting like the big "I know what I'm doing" professional kind of person I have been lately - even coming back at the bosses and making them feel stupid LOL It's great when u can give someone a serve back when they spend so much time trying to push blame on u that u leave them completely stumped.

Um I finally updated my Bianca fic yesterday! *Claps* Only took like a week and a half. Mainly cause I was struggling. Not neccesarily lacking in inspiration, just having a little trouble putting the words down. But I think that's over now. I think I got over the hard part. I've spent quite a bit of time trying to think about Wyatty things today, which is good, I got a few ideas, but I just have this feeling I won't be able to play Bianca completly cold. At least not all the time. I don't want to take anything away from Chris, that's a lot of reason why the big build-up & tear-apart at the moment, but Wyatt is a big factor in all this too. I hope I don't get too confusing. I hope it's a plausible angle. I'm never going to have a Wyatt as good as Melly's. I can have one that I've worked out from what I've known, but never one that's going to be as tortured or emotionally involved as hers. He has reason behind everything, feeling behind everything. The way I approach it is from the logical side, so you know that would be considered but I can't inject that same kind of reality into him to make him a real person, someone you want to like and know.

Okay I'm not sure what else to say. Yeah, Bianca is still pregnant in IDBT. I feel like I'm kind of hogging the spotlight with the length of my updates :( I shouldn't write them so long. But it's getting a bit hard, just cause I've spent so much time on my fic I'm used to writing a certain way, and do I ever know the girl now. They always say you should know your characters inside out when you write a story, and I always have a vague idea, but never have I had a comprehensive history like I'm getting for B. And do I ever love it because it seems to make it so much easier that I know her inside out.

So, seriously I should be getting ready for bed now. *hugz* Another time ;) Maybe I can sleep off these pains my body seems to be handing out to me.

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