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30 angsts ficlet - "Hazard"

Fandom: Charmed
Title: Hazard
Author/Artist: decadentdream
Theme(s): #20. Violence; War (~marriage of death)
Pairing/Characters: Wyatt POV, mentions of Bianca & Chris
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Belongs to Spelling Entertainment and all other associated people. I do however claim half of Bianca since they never fully developed her.
Word Count: 807
Written For: 30_angsts

People always thought I was strange. The normal kids would look at me with disdain if they saw me talking to myself, their parents would shield them away as if the fact that my unkempt appearance was really a result of some horrible infectious disease and not because I had been trying to evade another attack on myself. The magical community was worse. They had expectations of me, some grand legend I was meant to uphold. I was meant to be this all-powerful being, something they craved for, something they feared. Seriously, I am not that scary. I had good parents, ones that tried so hard to give me a normal life.

I could put up with it, for a while at least. That was until my mother died when I was still a teenager. Then it got worse. Then I didn’t know what to do. I was depressed and angry. Nobody seemed to care how it affected me. They just kept avoiding me, like they always did. And so I thought that if they wanted to fear me, then I’d give them something to fear. Admittedly I did go off the rails a little, but can you blame me?

Mind you the stories were much worse than anything I ever did. Everything was exacerbated. I would hear tales of how I killed twenty men, simply because I didn’t appreciate them standing in my way. Everything I did was done with little remorse. This wasn’t a life; this was me pretending to live.

Five years ago I came to know Bianca. It was the first time that someone looked beyond the rumours and the lies, and saw the man inside. She knew I was not like what they said. She did not fear me or look down at me as others did. She was living with her own demons. She knew what it was like to try to live up to expectations and have others tear you down for it.

We used to walk down through Victoria Park. She loved to watch the sun go down. We used to walk along the edge of the bay and sit on the grass for hours, dreaming of ways to get out of this town.

A few years ago Bianca met my brother. She no longer dreamt of leaving, of getting away. Now she wanted to settle down. With him. Admittedly I was jealous. He always seemed to get the girls, while I… had to lead a life without love; because some ridiculous prophecy attached to me at birth made people shy away from me… unless of course they wanted something from me. Bianca was the only one on my level, and now she belonged to him. They were due to be married today. Of course I wished that I were in his position.

We spent less time together as she mingled more with Chris. He told her the same kind of tales that everybody else did. And she almost believed him. Almost. Yet still we walked down by the water, and we’d stay for hours discussing our lives. I held no grudge against my brother for taking her away from me. I just wanted her to be happy, even if it wasn’t me by her side.

No-one understood what I felt for Bianca. No-one cared until last night when she went out walking all alone, and never came home. A man with a badge came around this morning and suddenly everyone turned on me. With accusing fingers directed my way, I did not know how to profess my innocence. Who would believe me when stories of my unfeeling slaughter were far more popular?

I swore that I’d left her by the water’s edge. I swore that she had been safe and sound. I knew nothing had happened before I’d left her. I wanted to go there myself to see what exactly they were accusing me of.

My brother was ready to kill me when he found out. They deemed that I was insanely jealous and quite capable of such a thing. They accused me of wanting to ruin my brother’s entire life as I always consistently seemed to do. They told me I was obsessed with her, that I did not want to let her go. They almost made me believe that I had killed her, but I knew that I would never hurt her intentionally. Not like that.

I think about how my life has drifted by and how it has done me wrong. My one escape, my one rescue, she was gone. There was nothing else left for me.

They’re going to charge me shortly. Even though I swore that I’d left her by the water. Even though I swore I left her safe and sound. Now, for me, there is no way to leave this town.

Tags: 30 angsts, bianca, chris, chris halliwell, ficlet, wyatt, wyatt halliwell

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