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Ficlet - "Mile Long"

Title: Mile Long
Author: decadentdream
Fandom: Charmed
Pairing: Wyatt/Bianca
Rating: light NC-17
Word Count: 1,521
Summary: Bianca finds a way to make a long train trip more interesting.

Wyatt looked down at the long, golden brown tresses that covered his lap. His eyes traveled the length of her body to the wall. Although she was small, she still looked cramped in the seated space the two shared. His gaze lifted again to the scenery outside and he noticed it was still unusually light for this time of day. Many hours had passed, but it still looked as if they had gotten nowhere. The train whistle blew like a resonating lull in his head. Licking his parched lips, he tried to lift Bianca without waking her.

“Mmm. Ow,” she protested, sitting up slowly and rubbing her neck. She peered out the window. “Are we there yet?”

“No,” Wyatt answered. “Far from it.”

“Great,” she grumbled. “Whose bright idea was this anyway?”

“I don’t think it matters since you insisted it would be adventurous and different,” he said. She sat back against the seat, dropping her head onto the white covering that lay over it. “I’m going to the bar. Do you want anything?”

“Coffee?” she suggested.

Nodding, he got up and fetched two beverages, being careful not to spill anything as he mastered the throw-about walk aboard a jostling train upon his return. Watchfully he handed her the cup as he took his seat.

“You slept for a while,” he commented.

“Didn’t feel that long,” she complained, taking a sip of the hot liquid.

“You’ve hardly been awake all day.”

“I was bored,” she admitted. Seeing he was about to take offence she gestured towards the window. “With that.”

“It’s scenic.”

“It’s hills and valleys of brown and green with dead, flat grass. It was the same three hours ago.”

“If you hang on long enough, it’ll turn to water.”

“Like the water-wine thing?” she inquired with intrigue. Wyatt smirked.

“Like the reality thing. We’re almost at the coast.”

“Ah,” she said. She drank another mouthful of coffee then glanced out the window. “And I suppose we get endless hours of that as well.”

“What would you like me to do, Bianca? Put some pretty orbs up out there for you?” Wyatt snapped.

“I’m sorry; it’s just… wide open spaces make me feel really exposed. I keep getting this creepy feeling they can see us.”

“Baby, no-one can see us,” he said, lifting her free hand and pressing the edge to his lips. “You’re in here, completely safe from prying eyes.”

“I know. I’m being paranoid. It’s harder to be found in San Francisco.”

As they continued along, the edges of the beach began to come into view. Dunes of sand began to roll down into shallow recesses of land framing the Pacific Ocean. Bianca climbed over Wyatt, discarding her cup into the trash. He stood up as she came back down the aisle.

“I gotta take a leak,” he said. “I’ll be back.”

Collapsing into the chair, Bianca again looked out the window. The rolling scenery gave way to still waters gently lapping at the shoreline. The further south they traveled, the more ferocious those waters seemed to become. Feeling much more revitalized, Bianca glanced towards the end of the aisle and decided to head up to Wyatt. She heard the toilet flush and stood in front of the steel door as he slid it open.

“Well, hello,” he said, looking mildly surprised at her presence.

“I hope you washed your hands,” Bianca said, pushing him back into the room and stepping in after him.

Her lips hungrily latched onto his, Wyatt leaning down and trying to keep up with her fervor as he reached past her to slide the door closed again, turning her back to face the wall in the same motion. He pulled back from her, audibly noting her intensified breaths of lust.

“So there is room in here for two. How convenient,” he said.

Bianca fingered his shirt, idly detaching the buttons as she traced a path down his chest.

“Ever joined the mile high club?” she asked suggestively.

“Should I admit to that?” he questioned seriously, searching her eyes. “We’re not on a plane.”

“Do you want me to call it the mile long instead?” she asked, proceeding to work on his jeans.

“Sounds fair,” he agreed.

Succeeding in her mission, Bianca flattened her palm and ran it down the inside of his trousers before moving her hands up to guide the shirt from his body as his lips found hers again. He pulled her hips against his, his fingers playing with the lace hem of her top before sliding further up her back. Touching a sensitive spot, she jerked her head away, his teeth pulling and grazing her bottom lip.

“Careful,” she warned.

Remembering the recent injury to her body from a particularly vicious foe, Wyatt moved his hand back around the sensitive wound and ever so gently raised the material from her body. She slid her arms around his neck and pressed her lips back to his. She felt his fingers pass through her hair, gently stroking the hollow at the back of her head. He felt so warm against her bare skin, his heart thundering to the same beat as her own. He pulled back ever so slightly, his labored breaths caressing her face as he moved over her cheek, choosing a direction to place delicate kisses across her neck and shoulders. She dropped her head back in rapture.

“Ow,” she said as she came in contact with the metal support bar drilled onto the wall.

She let out a small laugh, causing Wyatt to look up and follow with the same. He placed a hand to her face and guided her head away from that section of the wall. She shifted the rest of her body in suit. He lowered his hand, his fingers tracing wave-like patterns along her arms leaving her skin tingling.

“May I have your attention, please? The next stop is Surf Beach, California. For those departing at this station please gather your belongings and proceed to the doorway where the guard is standing to exit as not all doors are manned,” the train announcer declared.

Bianca leant forward, nibbling tentatively on Wyatt’s ear. “Do you think they’ll hear us?”

“Shh,” Wyatt advised as the train stilled.

They listened as footsteps pounded along the floor of the train. Being as they had chosen the most remote and empty carriage, they heard little more than three people pass. She moved her lips to his cheek, tracing a finger along his jaw line until he turned his face to hers. She smiled broadly, a twinkle in her eye as she leant into him and kissed him again. Impatience getting the better of her, she pushed again at his clothes in an attempt to disrobe him. He moved to assist her, and with the same kind of frenzy pushed her up against the wall, his hands coursing the length of her thighs and riding up beneath her skirt.

“Easy access,” he growled into her ear. She gasped as his hands roamed beneath, eventually removing her underwear.

Neither of them were prepared for the train to start moving again. The jolting force caused him to ram harder into her than he had planned. She collapsed onto him and he supported her slight frame with one hand, the other braced against the wall.

“Sorry,” he whispered apologetically.

“Move,” she said.

And he did. Moans of ecstasy escaped her mouth, followed in succession by grunts from Wyatt. She barely felt her back collide against the wall again, immersed in waves of pleasure. She started to direct more of the force as she rose to her climax. They paid no heed to the sounds around them, slowly drifting back to reality as Wyatt set Bianca back onto her feet. Gently he brushed his lips over hers. They heard someone’s fist bang against the door.

“What are you doing in there? This cubicle’s been busy for ages!” the gruff female voice hollered from the other side.

Bianca turned her head towards the door, smiling sheepishly. Wyatt nipped her ear.

“Better make ourselves look presentable,” he whispered, then placed another kiss on her shoulder as he moved away. Turning his head to the door he called: “Yeah, I’ll be out in a sec!”

They quickly redressed, elbows hitting walls, trying to keep from laughing at one another’s efforts. Finally Bianca slid open the door and faced the woman, hastily averting her eyes as Wyatt took her hand and followed her out. She couldn’t help but smile, lifting her hand to cover her grin before returning to their seat and bursting into a fit of giggles. The train stopped again and this time a whole pile of people got on, quickly claiming every vacant seat.

“Hurry up and sit down,” Wyatt urged, pushing her into the gap between the chairs. “We’re going to lose our seats otherwise.”

“Then we’ll just have to claim another cubicle,” Bianca responded with a sly grin.

Wyatt touched her face fondly and she took a seat. This journey had seemed far too long, but at least they’d made the most of it.
Tags: bianca, charmed, ficlet, wyatt, wyatt halliwell, wyatt/bianca

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