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Welcome to the deep, dark & crazy world that is my imagination
30 Angsts fics 
21st-Sep-2006 06:04 pm
Grave Lying
This is just basically for my own reference (or quick links if anyone is so inclined as to read lots of angsty Wyatt/Bianca, though I doubt it) so I know what I've done on 30_angsts.


1. Broken (~Killing for the sake of Killing)

2. Toys (~For when you die I'll be there for you)

3. Hand phone; cell phone; mobile phone (~a call from heaven)

4. Angels and Devils; Disguise (~wings stain with blood)

5. True Love (~seeking for you)

6. Curiosity (~listen to your heart cry)

7. Interest (~crying for you one last time)

8. Articles; Newpapers (~broken promise)

9. Hide-and-Seek (~shattered heart)

10. Messenger (~you belongs to no one)

11. Books (~never really mine)

12. Chemistry (~eletric shock)

13. Physics (~poison by you)

14. Kiss (~tears of blood)

15. First Time (~rival or lover?)

16. Appropriate; Are you Sure? (~against temptation)

17. Eto...; Hmmmm... (~engulf by darkness)

18. Photograph (~lost you forever)

19. Cry; Sadness (~always...)

20. Violence; War (~marriage of death)

21. Lost Memories (~touching the illusion)

22. Once upon a time... (~you are never here for once)

23. Black Roses (~red funeral)

24. Blush (~no future)

25. To touch the Devil is to die (~dying from bliss)

26. Under your Skin (~surreal reality)

27. Line between Love and Hate (~Dying just for you)

28. Tensai or Baka? (~cause of nature)

29. Fire; Water; Earth; Metal; Wood (~one last dinner)

30. Angsts (~seeing you and the other)


31. Cold (~bloody destiny)

32. Black (~sleeping in the red)

33. Kill (~house of pain)

34. Teddy-bear (~demon master)

35. Haha...... (~secret passage)
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